Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned camper, it is necessary to have the right outdoor living accessories to ensure a perfect and comfortable experience. From the most obvious to the tiniest outdoor essentials, you will get it all here at Homesmiths. Our range of outdoor living essentials includes flares, torches, fire fuels, grills, outdoor furniture, ice boxes and beverage storage options, and more. No outdoor trip is complete without games and entertainment, especially for kids and youngsters. So, plan a camping trip, make a checklist, and find exactly what you need all in one place. Happy shopping at Homesmiths!

Outdoor Camping & BBQ Accessories

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  1. Homesmiths' Small Bouncing Ball

    Homesmiths Small Bounce Ball

    AED 15.00
  2. ProCamp Directors Chair

    ProCamp Directors Chair

    AED 199.00
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What excites you about the weekends? If it is planning with your friends and family for an outdoor picnic, you’ve come to the right place to find everything you need to make it a perfectly memorable day or weekend out! Homesmiths offers practical and apt outdoor living accessories that make your experience in the outdoors an effortlessly enjoyable one.

Outdoor Living Staples

There are a few must-haves required for outdoor campers, such as torches, firestarters, lanterns, and sometimes even candles. Things like flares come in handy when you are lost or in trouble. Our strong incense coils will keep pesky insects away from your sitting area. You will also find firepits and grills here, in case you wish to buy cooking equipment that is foldable, compact, and easy to pack and unpack. If you’re cooking outdoors, you’ll find the need for outdoor living essentials such as cutlery sets, bowls, toasters, and egg holders too, all of which are easily available at Homesmiths.

Outdoor Furniture

Homesmiths stocks super practical and weather-friendly foldable and compact chairs for you to enjoy a view or a meal while sitting comfortably in the great outdoors. After all, nobody likes to spend the day or night in clothes made soggy by the forest floor! Amp up your rustic and fresh food with the choicest selection of tablecloths and more to make your setup Instagram-worthy!

Beverage Storage

It is important to keep yourself hydrated while spending days outside. With Homesmiths, you will be able to carry your water, beverages, and more with great ease in our selection of jugs and coolers. The ice boxes will also help in keeping your produce fresh and bring home some freshly caught fish after the trip. You’ll be able to keep water handy with the jugs. Carry collapsible jugs so they can be put away after use once they are empty. Enjoy a chilled beer while pairing it with the perfect piece of meat you cook for all, thanks to our ice buckets.

Fun and Games

What’s the fun in the outdoors without a few games, especially if you have kids? Keep them and yourselves entertained with games like balls, jumping ropes, and toy structures to make it a memorable day and have a gala time.  

Make the most of the days spent close to nature with maximum comfort, thanks to your one and only Homesmiths. Find all the outdoor living accessories you need and then some more right here.