Enjoy the best of the outdoors with apt camping equipment from Homesmiths. Finding the most functional and essential camping tools is a breeze thanks to our web shop. For those of you who love cooking, or simply chilling outdoors, and enjoying the perfect setup, we have everything in store for you. With the right camping accessories, you are bound to have a seamless camping experience with your partner, family, friends, or just solo. At Homesmiths, both amateur and professional campers will find products that are easy to use and of the highest quality at suitable prices. So, plan your camping trip and find everything you need right here.

Camping Equipment & Tools

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  1. Coghlans Sierra Saw

    Coghlans Sierra Saw

    AED 53.00
  2. Coghlans Cutlery Set

    Coghlans Cutlery Set

    AED 20.00
  3. Coghlans Egg Holders

    Coghlans Egg Holders

    AED 22.00
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What a delight it is to be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life and spend a few days right in the lap of nature! Camping is one of the best ways to spend your free days destressing and rejuvenating. The perfect camping trip requires the perfect camping equipment. At Homesmiths, you will find all tools, big and small, to ensure the safest and most well-equipped camping trip you’ll ever have.

Lights and Flares?

The camping accessories, which are one of the most important items you need to carry especially during an overnight or longer stay, are an assortment of lights and flares. From helping you start a fire for cooking, marking camping area, and finding your way, to warding off animals and insects, having lights and fires is important. Find solar-powered lights to flares, torches, lighter fuel, and more at Homesmiths. The beautiful candle options can also help you set up a romantic atmosphere for a date or proposal.

Cooking and Dining?

Who wouldn’t want to cook freshly caught fish and meat or even veggies while camping. We know you can’t resist a good, char-grilled meal when living outdoors. So, we offer you compact and foldable easy-to-use grills for the same purpose, along with multiway knives for easy handling. Our cutlery options are endless too. Find the set you need and carry your personal knives and forks on the go. Toasters and egg holders will allow you to make a delectable breakfast, even in the woods!

Setup Equipment?

The most essential camping tools you need at the campsite are setup accessories. From tent pegs, tarp holders, and extendable ropes, we have everything that might come in handy to use outdoors. Our furniture and umbrellas will protect you from rain and shine.

As experienced campers would say, it all comes down to the smallest and most functional tools to make it a good outdoor experience. With Homesmiths, you never have to worry about a thing. Find all the equipment, from big ones and down to the nitty-gritty details, for the perfect camping trip you could possibly imagine. Make your experience a memorable one with the right camping equipment, tools and accessories. Shop everything from your camping checklist only at Homesmiths for the best quality products inclusive of great brands and the most competitive prices.