The Christmas Advent Calendar is one of the sweetest ways of doing the countdown to Christmas, and you should definitely get one to bring in a spirit of positivity as you wait for Christmas day. At Homesmiths you can explore all kinds of the Advent Calendar. Pick up your best choice for the Christmas calendar from calendars in novelty shapes, paper calendars, Santa advent calendars, glass advent calendars, house advent calendars, blackboard advent calendars, felt calendars, hanging calendars, gingerbread house mdf calendars, Christmas cake calendars, and LED light operated calendars. It’s a fun tradition and adds optimism with the nice calendar options you can find at Homesmiths.

Advent Calendar

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You may not be a child anymore, but you can still relive your inner child with the Christmas advent calendar. An advent calendar is a spiritual experience and childhood memory for most of us. The gleeful experience of opening up the box for each day is filled with childlike curiosity and positive emotion. At Homesmiths, you can choose from a wide variety of range of advent calendars from the choicest picks. You can be assured of finding one just perfect for you and your home. Brace the countdown to the special day of celebration and relive the tradition with Homesmiths’s collection of stunning advent calendars. 

Who should buy the Christmas Advent Calendar?

If you have little ones at your home, it makes up for an even more important reason to get the Christmas calendar. Introduce the tradition and share the joy of making the countdown through the tradition of an Advent calendar with your kids. It will be a happy learning experience, and at Homesmiths you can choose something that would be completely delightful to your kiddo, especially those that involve craft and games activities. It can also serve as a DIY Advent calendar

What is the meaning of an Advent calendar?

It is a traditional Christmas calendar with cards or boxes that has numbers counting down to the day of Christmas. It has 25 sealed boxes or slots, each meant for the 25 days of the Advent month that begins on the 1st of December. However, Advent month may not always begin on the 1st of December as it is counted four weeks ahead of Christmas. Sometimes the Advent month begins on the last days of November. However, the calendar can be used from the 1st of December for making it simple for kids to understand. The little boxes, doors, or windows carry a positive message or a devotional phrase or a story from Christ’s birth, or a small gift. The gift could be a candy or a small toy. The calendar is read from the box labeled as ‘1’ as the starting day of the advent month. This follows up till the 25th day of December. The box for the day is opened to reveal the goodies that are inside it. It is a fun tradition to celebrate the anticipation of Christmas. 

What are the 4 meanings of Advent?

Advent means the preparation for the arrival of Jesus Christ. The four Sundays leading to Christ’s birth are celebrated as the four virtues of the Advent month. These 4 virtues are hope, love, joy, and peace. There are 4 candles lit for the 4 Sundays of Advent on the Advent wreath.