Christmas Candles and Candle Holders

Christmas candles & scents are a part of Christmas decorations that evoke calmness and healing. Select from Homesmiths’s collection of Christmas candles and Christmas scents that would enamor your senses. Explore enchanting candles for the Christmas table, themed candles for decorations, tealight candle sets, tealight candles with holders, pristine candle holders, and assorted candle sets. Decorate the candles on a Christmas candle holder or get individual artistic holders. Pick from top-quality Christmas scents among fragrance sets, Christmas potpourri, assorted scentsicles, scented candles, assorted scented sachets, and candle gift pieces. Make sure that your indoors are filled with Christmassy fragrance and lit with the most festive-looking candles ever!

Christmas Candles and Candle Holders

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Even if you have artificial lights up for decorations, nothing beats the ambiance you get while lighting up a real candle on the dinner table or at the corners of decorations. At Homesmiths, you can choose from classic-looking Christmas candles to fancy, Christmassy-themed candles like Santa or Gnome-shaped candles. Also, Christmas is incomplete without the Season’s whiff in the air. So shop for the best-smelling Christmas fragrances at Homesmiths. You’ll get scented candles, fragrance sachets, assorted fragrances, and Christmas potpourri to set up the perfect Christmas ambiance. 

Ideas for Christmas candles & scents for decoration

Shop for Christmas candles and a Christmas candle holder for setting up your candle lights with style. You can choose intricately designed candle holders with a Christmas theme or even buy candles with holders in a set. Explore glasswork tealight candle holders, tealight candles with holder sets, and assorted Christmas-themed wax tealight candles. From fancily shaped candles to simple classic candles, you’ll find them all at Homesmiths. The collection of scents in Christmas-themed packaging makes the lingering scents true to the xmassy spirit for which they are made. 

Are Christmas candles & scents a good Christmas gift?

Yes. Candle sets and candle gift boxes for Christmas are nice things to gift. Scented candles are associated with pleasantness and relaxation. They are soothing, calming, and visually aesthetic. This makes them a versatile gift and a perfect fit for Christmas gifting. 

What do Christmas Candles symbolize?

The candlelight remembers the birth of Jesus Christ. It is very significant during the Christmas celebrations in the church. The candle lit on Christmas symbolizes the light from the star of Bethlehem guiding the Magi. It also symbolizes Christ as a light to the world. Specifically, it is for remembering the light of God or the light of Christ that illuminates the world against darkness. 4 candles are lit each Sunday to mark each week of the Advent season. On the fourth Sunday, all four candles are lit. A fifth candle is lit on Christmas Eve, known as the Christ Candle. 

Which are the best Christmas scents?

Christmas scents are typically close to Nature’s aroma consisting of spices, herbs, fruits, and the smell of Christmas trees. Christmas Candles that smell like Balsam Fir give a woody fragrance that you get from a freshly cut Christmas tree. Other scents that are ubiquitous with Christmas are cinnamon, roasted marshmallows, freshly cut pine, gingerbread, clove, mulled wine, orange, rosemary, and thyme. 

Whether you’re looking to buy some Christmas candles or amazing fragrances, Homesmiths has got you covered. Explore our Christmas candles & scents range today!