Light up your Christmas this year with Homesmiths’ extensive range of the best lights you could ever find! Christmas lights just find their place anywhere in the house—the tree, the rooms, the windows, the halls, and your entire outside landscape of the house! So get ready to deck up your house with all kinds of lights this Christmas—LED Christmas lights, string lights, rope lights, wreath lights, ball lights, cane lights, wire lights, cluster lights, chain lights, lights in acrylic shapes, star lights, Christmas lanterns, branch lights, snowball lights, lights with timer settings, remote controlled lights, Christmas tree lights, multicolor and color changing lights.

Christmas Lights & Lanterns

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Anything that brings your Christmas decorations to life has to be the Christmas lights! After all, your xmassy get up is incomplete without the lights, and the lights themselves are an important part of the decorations. With the different kinds of lights used for Christmas and the wonderful collection at Homesmiths, you’re sure to find yourself exploring a lot of options among Christmas lights!

Christmas lights to explore:

  • Led Christmas lights: Previously, most of the Christmas lights were incandescent bulbs and lights that emitted a lot of heat and consumed a lot of power. Today most of the lights used are LED which is more sustainable in terms of power consumption and safety. At Homesmiths, you’ll find all kinds of decoration lights in LED that are as luminous and high-performing as you could imagine. 
  • Mini string lights: The most common, pretty, and multipurpose decoration lights for Christmas. The mini string lights come in different colors and add a classic feel to the decorations. White or golden lights give a warm glow while multicolor lights can add a festive feel. They are the most popular choice as Christmas tree lights
  • Chain lights: The chain lights are usually bigger in size than string lights, and they come in assorted shapes like balls, stars, trees, gift boxes, snowflakes, etc. They are also available in different colors and serve as great indoor decoration lights. 
  • Rope lights: Rope lights are great for creating an outline of lights. Use these for lining windows, doors, frames, stairs, railings, etc. 
  • Ornamental lights: These can be a big, xmassy-themed standalone light like a star, reindeer, snowflake, or gift box. They accentuate the other lighting. Globe lights, lanterns, acrylic lights, and candy cane lights are some kinds of fancy and ornamental lights. 
  • Battery-operated lights: These do not need an external power source. These provide flexibility while setting up these lights. 
  • Color changing/animated lights: These are fun lights so explore because the lighting doesn’t stay static. You can explore this variety among string lights, rope lights, and chain lights. They are also used on Christmas trees.

What are the most popular Christmas lights?

String lights are the most popular, and they are also available in different bulb sizes. From rice bulbs to strawberry bulbs, you can explore different kinds of string lights. LED Christmas lights are the most popular option across any variety.

What is the best type of Christmas tree lights?

LED Christmas lights are best for trees as they last for a long time and consume less power. They do not get heated and pose a risk of catching fire like incandescent lights or candles. You can try wire lights, fairy lights, string lights, chain lights, and a combination of lights for decorating your tree.

No matter what you need, be it LED Christmas lights to deck up your backyard, or beautiful cane lights to adorn your tree, at Homesmiths you can choose from a wide range of Christmas lights options. Shop now!