If there’s any wardrobe item that has made itself popular with Christmas, it has to be the Christmas stockings! Albeit for a different purpose from regular stockings, Christmas stockings hold a very dear place as a charm in everyone’s hearts. The Christmas stocking stuffers are a gleeful delight apart from under the tree presents. For this year’s hanging, explore a range of fun, quirky and cheerful stockings at Homemsiths. Nothing beats assorted stockings for your stocking fillers, so go ahead and have fun picking up from plush stockings, Christmas boots, jute Christmas gift bags, wine bags, nutcracker baskets, gnome stockings, jute stockings and more.

Christmas Stocking Stuffers

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While picking up your stockings for the Christmas to stuff them with stocking stuffers, you can also explore similar Christmas props at Homesmiths, like Santa caps, Christmas hats, elf hats, Christmas ties, Santa masks, Christmas caps for kids, etc. It is fun to have Santa and Christmas-themed wearables along with stockings, especially for kids. You’ll find stockings and gift bags of various sizes and styles to match every kind of Christmas stocking stuffers, be it candies, small toys, and other small-sized gift items meant as Christmas stuffers

You’ll find stockings with labels, photo frames or letters of the alphabet to name them for identification. In this way, you’ll have plenty of ideas to explore for stockings and socks at Homesmiths. Make your stuffed stockings special and memorable for the D-day by choosing a perfect one for your fireplace or wherever you want to hang them for surprise gifts.

What are the most common stocking stuffers?

Stocking stuffers or stocking fillers are mostly small-sized gift items or goodies that are in addition to the main Christmas presents. They are stuffed inside the Christmas stockings typically hung above the fireplace or the wall. Common stuffers include sweet treats such as candies, chocolates, small toys like action figures, cars, games, etc. It’s most common for kids, but adults can get stocking stuffers as well! For adults this can be gadgets, books, travel-sized bath and beauty products, home decoration or home use items, etc. Stocking stuffers are usually inexpensive gifts and are added as a part of amusement to the gifting ritual. Gifting fruits and nuts are also a tradition for Christmas stocking stuffers

Where do you hang Christmas Stockings?

According to legend, they are hung on the fireplace as in the olden days this was the place where small clothing items were hung. Also, the fireplace being closer to the Chimney had a greater chance of being noticed by Santa. Nowadays, stockings are hung high on furniture like the shelves, bookcases, knobs, curtain rods, and places near the Christmas tree. A stocking holder can also be used for lining up stockings. 

Why is an orange used as a part of Christmas stocking stuffers?

Fruits are given as a tradition of stocking stuffers. An orange is placed in the socks or stocking remembering the gold given by Santa Claus according to the legendary story. This orange is called the Christingle and it has a candle placed at the centre and a red ribbon tied around it symbolizing the light and the blood of Christ.  

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