Christmas wreaths & garlands are a quintessential part of Christmas decorations. It just doesn’t feel complete without having wreaths and garlands up around the house for decorations during the Xmas season. Shop from a huge collection at Homesmiths for all kinds of Christmas wreaths and Christmas garlands you can get your hands on! Explore from a range of traditional wreaths, berry branches, tinsels, and beaded garlands to pre-lit wreaths, feather garlands, hanging decorations, and organza garlands. ‘Tis the Season to be merry and also the season to unleash your creative spirit by soaking into the celebratory decorations! So go ahead, and pick up all the garlands, tinsels, and wreaths you’d need to deck up your tree and house.

Christmas Wreaths & Garlands

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Complete your Christmas aesthetics with a garland decoration from Homesmiths’s collection of Christmas wreaths & garlands. While it’s a part of the custom to put up a wreath on the door and Christmas garlands on the trees, you can try different ideas while styling up your home this Christmas. For the very purpose of trying out different styles and adding a modern fusion touch to traditional decorations, you’d find Homesmiths’s collection of Christmas wreaths & garlands offering a variety to fulfill your creative pursuits. You can style it as per your desired theme and prepare your home for a beautiful Christmas celebration. 

Why do we hang Christmas wreaths on the door?

It’s a tradition to put the wreath on the entrance door or windows as it is believed to invite good luck into the home. In Christianity, it marks the Advent Season inviting the Christmas spirit inside to bless the house. You can place wreaths both outside and inside the doors. Usually, it is placed on doors and windows so that it’s visible from the outside. A beautiful wreath obviously, creates a visually pleasant thing to view, along with creating warm vibes of the festive spirit.

What is symbolic about a wreath?

The wreath is circular in shape and traditionally made from the leaves of evergreen trees, embellished with other items like berries, fruits, bells, ribbons, bows, snow, etc. The circular wreath stands for the Christian belief in the circle of life or the eternal nature of life, reminding one that life is beyond the cycle of birth and death.

What is the difference between Christmas wreaths and Christmas garlands?

Basically, it’s the shape which accounts for the difference between a wreath and a garland decoration. A wreath is complete and joined at the ends making it a circle or ring, while a garland is line of a long trail of leaves or tinsel. Both can be of different kinds, although the greenery remains dominant in a wreath, while Christmas garlands are available as long trails of leaves and berries, glittering tinsels, beaded garlands, and other Christmas-themed items. Wreaths are also available as purely made from beads, glitter decorations, baubles, Christmas props, and tinsels along with other items. Placing lights or candles on wreaths are also a part of traditional decorations. Nowadays, you can buy LED wreaths and foliage for Christmas decorations. 

Where do you put Christmas garlands?

Garlands are put up around the Christmas tree and places that surround it. The fireplace mantle, the staircase railings, frames, doors, windows, and, high furniture like shelves and cabinets are ideal places for a garland decoration

Whether you’re looking for Christmas wreaths or garland decoration, Homesmiths has got you covered! Browse through our extensive range today!