Cleaning Buckets

Door mats are your first line of defense against dirt, and dust that sticks to your shoes and gets in your home making the floors look dirty. Moreover, they leave behind stubborn stains on carpet surfaces that can turn out to be quite a task once you decide to get rid of them. 

If you ever thought that a doormat is just for looks, then you are dead wrong. Homesmiths has a range of welcome mats and sassafras door mats in various design and style options, they are easy to clean and are designed to be robust to last for a long time without needing a replacement.

Cleaning Buckets

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It’s impossible to imagine a clean home without a few cleaning buckets that help with maintaining clean floors and surfaces throughout your home.

Helps with Storing and Carrying Water

This is the most basic function of plastic cleaning buckets. They allow you to carry water with ease across the entire house to help you mop floors with ease. Combine them with water-absorbing mops and you can maintain clean and dry floors easier to keep dust, dirt, and grime at bay.

Carry and Throw Dirty Water and Other Liquids

Buckets can be used in combination with a cloth or mop to get rid of spilled liquids on the floor. Just rinse the cloth and you have a safe place to store all of that liquid and carry it somewhere where it can be safely disposed of.

Long Lasting and Durable

Plastic buckets often tend to last for years, and the ones that you will find on Homesmiths are designed to be much sturdier than the average buckets available in the market. We feature products manufactured by top brands to offer you the maximum value for money. So, when you purchase a bucket from our store you can be sure that you are only investing in the highest quality products and nothing else.

Can be Used as a Makeshift Dust Bin

If your old dust bin has become way too dirty and you need a temporary solution to dispose of all of that garbage without foul odor, you can turn these buckets into makeshift dust bins. Since most of these buckets come with lids, you can close them to trap foul odor and keep using them till your new dust bin arrives. Moreover, since they are cheap, you can dispose of them without heartache.

Using Two Buckets for Mopping is Better

It’s best to buy two buckets instead of one for your mopping requirements as it offers a much more hygienic approach to keeping all surfaces clean. Use one with a chemical solution mixed with water and keep the other one for cleaning and rinsing with normal water. This way you can ensure a much cleaner home as all the dust and dirt that gets picked up by the mop is deposited into a separate bucket rather than contaminating the one containing the cleaning solution.

Allows for Thorough Cleaning of Surfaces

You can’t splash large volumes of water without a bucket. So, having a few at home is important as you can use them to splash surfaces with hot or cold water mixed with a cleaning solution to quickly get rid of dirt and grime stuck to the floor. This also comes in handy, when you need to get rid of a lot of debris and other particles at one go. Just splash a whole bucket of water and watch the dirt wash away like it's nothing.

Start shopping at Homesmiths right away for cleaning buckets that are sturdy, lightweight, and last for a long time to come. You won’t find better products anywhere else, so start adding a few to your shopping cart right now!