Are you tired of coming to a home that has yellowing corners or weird smells and finding ways to keep your home clean? Check out our collection of household cleaners, curated to make home cleaning a breeze. Homesmiths offers a range of specialized cleaning products that assure that every nook and corner of your home will be clean and fresh. We have an array of household chemical products ranging from upholstery cleaners, glass cleaners, odor eliminators, drain openers, fresheners, and more to ensure that your home is clean and germ-free. Our tough yet gentle household chemicals get the job done, no matter which object or gadget you own. From floors to ACs, jewelry to shoes, we have the perfect cleaning solution for all.

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  1. Fruit Fly Trap Refill

    Fruit Fly Trap Refill

    AED 14.00
  2. Armor All Protectant Spray 16Oz

    Armor All Protectant Spray 16Oz

    AED 11.00
  3. HG Gold Polish Cloth

    HG Gold Polish Cloth

    AED 42.00
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You just don’t need a home cleaning product but also ensure that your home feels and smells refreshing. Besides cleaners and cleaning accessories, you need to pick up stuff like an odor remover and a moisture absorber bag for maintaining a clean ambiance after the cleanup. Grab them all from chosen brands selling top-notch products here at Homesmiths. Keep your home spick and span at all times while making it smell refreshing. It’s not only about cleaning but maintaining a clean atmosphere as well!

Homesmiths - one place for all kinds of cleaning products

Homesmiths is a one-stop shop that can help you achieve your ideal healthy home by providing you with a variety of household chemicals as well as other items. Utilize our solutions to rid your property of unsightly stains, unpleasant scents, and harmful bacteria. After all, if you want a happy and healthy life for yourself and the people you care about, cleanliness is necessary. So, get started, right here, right now! 

How do you use a drain clog remover liquid?

Drain clogs can cause nasty blockages and lead to water accumulation and make the drain totally unusable. A drain clog remover liquid works by dissolving the clogs with its strong formulation that is blocking the pathway. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before pouring in the liquid to clear the clogged drain. In most cases, the liquid needs to be poured into the drain and kept for some time followed by pouring hot water to completely clear the path.  

Is a fabric freshener the same as a fabric conditioner?

A fabric conditioner can leave your clothes smelling nice and fresh along with conditioning the fibers. A fabric freshener may or may not be a fabric conditioner. Fabric fresheners are also sold separately. Read the label before you purchase a fabric cleaning, perfuming, or conditioning liquid.

How does a silver polish help in restoring silver jewelry?

Silver polish is a quick and effective way to clean and remove tarnishes from silver jewelry. It is effective for pure silver jewelry which gets oxidized and becomes blackish or greenish over time due to deposits. A jewelry polish helps in restoring shine and makes the silver look as good as new.

How does a moisture absorber bag help?

Moisture absorber bags, also known as desiccant bags helps in absorbing moisture and keep dry conditions inside cabinets, cupboards, shoe racks, and closets. They absorb moisture and keep the growth of germs, and fungi under control. They are very useful to maintain dryness in storage places and help in maintaining hygiene.

Your home deserves all the TLC in the world – pamper it with the best household chemicals and cleaning range from Homesmiths. Shop now.