We at Homesmiths know the responsibility and maintenance that comes with a carpeted area. That’s why, to ease your maintenance and cleaning burden, we have carpet & upholstery care products at your disposal.

Be it neutrals, leather, or whites, no carpet and upholstery will have a stain on it, thanks to our spot cleaner. A home with pets and kids can be hard to maintain. Not anymore. Keep away stains, dirt, and odors with our brilliant carpet cleaners, which are no short of magic. Our products aim to keep you safe while keeping the house clean. Buy our products today!

Carpet & Upholstery Care

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Carpets in a home speak of refined luxury and cosiness. But at the same time, it is also necessary to maintain them and give them a good cleaning from time to time to maintain the perfect color, cleanliness, and comfort. The same goes for furniture upholstery like sofa seats, couches, ottomans, curtains, and more. With the Homesmiths range of carpet & upholstery care, you can maintain neat and tidy home textiles.

Cleaning Solutions

Leather Furniture:

Our range of leather cleaners and leather wipes will help you maintain that natural sheen of your furniture, while gently cleaning away all settled dirt and dust. Keep your leather sofas and couches looking as good as new with these products.

Pet Stain Removers:

If you have pets in the house, you definitely must’ve faced their paw prints on your beautiful carpets and sofas, thus staining your upholstery. Worry no more because the pet stain remover will clear away all the goop and mess in a swift wipe.

Carpet Foam Cleaner:

Your carpet also needs a good bath from time to time, and our carpet foam cleaneris just the product you need. It leaves your carpet fluffy, fragrant, and dirt-free.

Carpet Odor Remover:

Apart from giving a great wash and shampoo to the carpet, it is also necessary to ensure that it smells fresh and welcoming. Thanks to our strong action carpet cleaners, you will have a dust-free and fragrant carpet adorning your floor.

Spot + Stain Cleaner:

For a focused stain removalstrategy, our spot cleaner is what you need. Simply spray or apply on the stain, leave it in for a few minutes, and wipe away, revealing a stain-free surface.

Fabric and Upholstery Protector

We know you can’t wash your upholstery or rugs too often. So, we offer you a unique product for regular use. Our protector spray works great on upholstery, rugs, carpets, and even clothes and other items like runners. Simply spray on a layer of this and it will protect the textile underneath without damaging it or changing the quality.

The Homesmiths Promise

We have developed these products keeping in mind your ease and safety. With our carpet & upholstery care, even the whitest and lightest of your furniture will be well protected and clean. So, worry no more and maintain the beauty of your home upholstery with our products. Get them on our web shop at unbelievable prices.