Clogged drain often leads to issues such as water logging, and kickbacks from the drain that can throw sewerage back into our homes, among other things. Nobody likes having clogged drains at home and we are sure, neither do you. 

Homesmiths range of drain cleaners and drain un-blockers are perfect for keeping all the drains at your home unclogged and working as intended without the need to get your hands dirty using manual vacuum drain pumps and other things that although do get the job done, aren’t always a pleasant experience. Check out our drain clog remover and other innovative range of products right away to keep your drains free of blockages!

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Unclogging a clogged drain doesn’t need to be a tough task, we have multiple types of drain cleaners in our store to get the job done without all the hard work. It’s time to throw out those manual vacuum drain pumps, and try on our products from top brands to get your house in order! 

Drain Sticks:

If you have a proactive approach to things, then get these drain sticks to keep your drains unclogged and odor free. All you need to do is push them inside from one of the holes on the drain cover, and let it work its magic. It’s as simple as that!

Drain Opener Gels:

One of the top-most reasons for clogged drains is due to strands of hair getting stuck inside, and often times it’s a difficult task to get them out without dialing the plumber. Our drain opener gels are specially formulated to address this issue by dissolving hair clogs stuck inside the drain. Moreover, it’s gentle enough not to corrode pipelines, and therefore, safe for materials such as metal, brass, and plastic. Use it to keep your bathroom and kitchen sinks unclogged and odor free! 

Pipe Buildup Removers:

Pipes get clogged all the time as multiple things like food particles, hair, dirt, grime, etc. tend to build up inside the pipelines leading to clogs that are extremely hard to get rid of. Pipe build-up removers are specialized drain clog remover products specially formulated to work their way through various kinds of buildup inside the drains to flush them out. It even breaks down hair, dirt, and grime to completely unclog the drains. It’s a simple-to-use product, and all you need to do is empty the contents into the drain, let the solution work for an hour, and then pour hot water for a completely unclogged drain. It’s a product that can be used on a daily basis to prevent buildups in the drain and keep them clog-free at all times. 

Clog Removing Foamer: 

When nothing else will get the job done to help you unclog the toilet, this will! Specially formulated for toilets, this product can also be used in garbage disposal units to keep them clog-free. The unique cleansing formulation works by forcefully eliminating stubborn clogs leaving behind pipes that are spotless and odor-free. 

Snake Drain Openers: 

A simple device that offers a practical solution to help you unclog your drains and pipelines with its flexible long-body design. Use it to clean your shower drains, and kitchensinks to remove stuck residue like tea leaves, food particles, coffee grounds, etc. The product comes with a rough and sticky structure that sticks to the dirt and grime helping you gently pull out anything that’s causing the blockage. All you need to do is push it down the drain, twist it a bit so that any residues get stuck to the device, and then pull it out for a drain that’s now completely free of dirt, grime, hair, and food particles. 

Shop now at Homesmiths to explore these drain un-blocker products and more to keep your pipelines and drains free of dirt, grime, and particles. Start shopping now!