Metal & Stone Cleaners

Metal tends to lose shine and accumulate rust over time unless properly cared for. Homesmiths’ range of metal polish and metal cleaners can help you keep things sparkling clean and shining like new. Our lineup of metal and stone care products features top brands to keep metal surfaces free of scratches and rust to give your home the look that it deserves. We have the best range of stainless-steel cleaners, marble cleaner, granite cleaners, polishes, and wipes that you won’t find anywhere else. Keep all your metal showpieces, and surfaces clean and spotless, because we got you covered!

Metal & Stone Cleaners

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  1. HG 500ML Rust Remover

    HG 500ML Rust Remover

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Ready to give your antiques, showpieces, and marble surfaces a shiny new look? Check out our collection of unique metal polishes and marble cleaners. Depending on what you are looking for, we have a range of product options to choose from to meet your specific needs!

Want to know how our products can help you keep things in order? Read on!

Pewter Washes:

If you have pewter pieces at home and want to keep them shinning like new, our lineup of pewter washes is great for cleaning all of your décor pieces to keep them free of any smudgy layers that tend to build up on the surface because of oxidation. Where ordinary cleaners won’t get the job done, our specially formulated products will.

Spray Stainless Steel Cleaners:

They are perfect for keeping all of your stainless-steel appliances free of grease, smudges, and fingerprints that reduce their shine and make them look dull. They are easy to use and perfect for keeping stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators and other appliances sparkling clean.

Granite Cleaners:

Granite and stone surfaces in your home need special care as they accrue hard water stains that are difficult to get rid of using standard cleaning solutions. The granite cleaners from premium brands available on the store ensure proper cleaning while maintaining neutral pH for gentle cleaning.

Silver Cleaning Wipes:

If you have been looking for a product to keep all of your expensive silverware, jewelry, plates, and antique pieces clean and protected. Then our range of silver cleaning wipes are perfect to keep everything shining like new.

Heavy Duty Brass Cleaners:

These products are perfect for cleaning all of your brass, copper, and other shiny metals. The product comes with a unique heavy-duty formula that is highly effective for cleaning tough dirt buildup.

Chandelier Cleaners:

Chandeliers are expensive and they need highly specialized care to keep them in top condition. Try one of our spray-based chandelier cleaners with a special formulation that not only removes but dissolves dirt and other residues to keep them spotless without all the hard work.

Stainless Steel Wipes:

Designed for everyday use; stainless steel wipes work great for removing fingerprints, watermarks, and grease from appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. For fast and effective cleaning every day, pick one from our product catalogue.

Grill Cleaners:

If you own a barbeque grill and want to keep the grills clean of dirt, grease, and the gooey stuff; go for our grill cleaning products for effective and fast cleaning. The products are designed to effectively dissolve grease in minutes. The all-natural products ensure proper cleaning without the harmful after effects of chemical-based products.

Homesmiths’ range of metal cleaners are perfect for all your cleaning requirements. No matter what your cleaning needs are, we have the products to fulfill all your requirements. Our stellar range of stainless-steel cleaners, granite cleaners, brass cleaners and cleaning wipes can get the job done without getting your hands dirty. Explore and start shopping today!