Tired of too many cleaning products cluttering your space? Want to reduce the amount of waste you produce by buying so many products? Worry no more. Homesmiths’ all-purpose cleaner range will give you a one-stop solution for all problems.

Our array of multi-purpose cleaner products is perfect for all spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. From all cleaning gels to multi-purpose spray, we have everything in our kitty to ensure a clean home in a single bottle! From cleaning the biggest to smallest objects and spaces, we have you covered. Explore the range here.

Multi Purpose Cleaners

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  1. Goof Off 22Oz Remover

    Goof Off 22Oz Remover

    AED 49.00
  2. WD-40 330ml

    WD-40 330ml

    AED 16.00
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What if we told you that just 1 product will be sufficient for all your cleaning needs? Yes, it’s a fact. With Homesmiths multi-purpose cleaner products, you can take your pick from a wide range of multi-purpose spray, cleaning gels, polishes, and much more. We’re the one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs.

Where to Use?

Our multipurpose cleaners can be used in the kitchen to clean the countertops, stovetops, walls, sinks and basins, cabinets, and more. Our dilutable liquids can be used when mixed with water to mop the floors of the house. Use our sprays and liquids to sparkle your bathroom tiles and floor. Our foaming cleaners for showers ensure clear water force and no soap build-up in any corner of the bath area. In the bedroom, you can use it to wipe furniture and end tables. Even mirrors can be cleaned with our all-purpose cleaners.

The multi-purpose sprays can also be used to clean small show objects like sculptures and bookends. Our cleaner and polish gels will breathe a new life into your wooden furniture after a swipe of the product. Maintain that gloss every day with the furniture wax that can be applied with ease. 

The special limescale remover works wonders on taps and fittings in the bathroom and kitchen area. Bad water quality can affect these and it is necessary to give them a good cleaning from time to time to ensure smooth running. 

Why Use Our Multi-Purpose Cleaners?

Our home cleaners work well on materials like wood, tile, metal, stone, non-porous surfaces, and all other types of surfaces. They are gentle enough to not affect the materials but powerful enough to remove the stains and germs that affect the beauty of these surfaces and dim the attractiveness of your home.

Homesmiths products have been developed keeping in mind the promise of their purpose and the ease of our patrons. The multi-purpose cleaners eliminate the need for multiple products that clutter up your space and create confusion. One bottle is easier to store than a whole bunch of them. Also, it is a great choice from an environmental perspective, as you end up using less packaging material and products, which in turn means less production of waste. Our cleaners are must-haves for any household. For the best cleaning solutions, get our hands on our all-purpose cleaner range today.