Odors and humidity share an unlikely bond which gives rise to unpleasant atmospheres at home. Musty smells, odors from trapped air, and collected moisture providing a comfy place for molds and fungus are things we absolutely desist! Thankfully, these things can be easily tackled with Homesmiths’s professional range of odor and moisture controllers. Odor and moisture problems can stem from anywhere—in your wardrobe, the fridge, the shoe racks, the bathroom. You just need the right pick for an odor absorber and a moisture absorber. Our range of mothballs, absorber clips, hanging absorber bags, scented absorbers, and more ensure that your home has no space for moldy smell and that your home will remain dry, clean, and fresh.

Moisture & Humidity Absorber

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If nasty odors and excess humidity around places in your home have got you really bothered, then you’re at the right place looking for solutions! It’s time to say goodbyes to lurking odors and trapped moisture that serves as a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. You need the best quality odor removers and moisture controllers to ensure your place is dry, fresh, and as hygienic as possible. Grab from Homesmiths’s collection of professional quality odor removers and moisture absorbers to maintain the perfect ambiance around your house.

Things at Homesmiths to explore to control odor and moisture:

  • Sweat can make shoes smelly. Charcoal odor absorbers keep your footwear, especially formal shoes, and sports shoes, smelling fresh for a pleasant experience. 
  • Refrigerator odor absorber clips can be placed inside the fridge organizers to keep it smelling super fresh and neutral.
  • Mothball and moth cake can be used to keep your unused items like blankets and warm clothes safe from moisture and insects. Place them in bathrooms and cabinets for moisture absorption and dry space. 
  • Our scented and unscented moisture absorbers work well in any corner of any room. Place it on the bedside, bathroom, pantry, shed, garage, kitchen, and living room to keep away moisture and mildew smell away from your home. 

How long should a fridge odor remover last?

It depends on the size of the packaging of the odor remover bag or clip. It is usually mentioned on the pack itself. A standard fridge odor remover can last from 3 to 6 months. Always get a refill handy before you run out of your current pack.

How does a moisture absorber work for wardrobes?

Moisture absorbers are great for a closet or wardrobe stuffed with clothes. It prevents the growth of bacteria and mildew. It also removes sweat and other moisture that can make the clothes feel unhygienic. Using them along with moth balls helps in preserving clothes for a longer time.

Is charcoal a good odour absorber?

Charcoal is a safe and non-toxic option as an odour absorber. It absorbs moisture as well as odors. It is better than odor maskers as it completely absorbs and eliminates the odor leaving behind a refreshing air. It helps remove odors and musty smells along with trapped moisture.

Where can I use a moisture absorber?

 Moisture absorbers are best suited for damp areas that don’t get direct contact with air or sunlight. You can find their application in sport's shoes, cabinets, closets, wardrobes, bathrooms, shoe racks, fridges, and upholstery storage.

Keep musty smells and odors away. Browse through our extensive collection of absorbers and removers and leave your home smelling as fresh as ever!