As annoying as pests and insects can get, their unwarranted infestation in your sweet abode is a complete no-no. They are gross, creepy, and harmful. They are often vectors of diseases, carrying dirt and pathogens along with them while trespassing into your home. Spell their doom with the choice of the top pest control product from Homesmiths. Be it pesky roaches, swarming ants, or scurrying rats, we offer everything ranging from bait for cockroaches to flying insect killers. With our professional quality products, pest control is made easy and can be done by yourself. Make your home a haven for people, not pests with the use of our pest control chemicals.

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  1. Terro Ant Killer Plus

    Terro Ant Killer Plus

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  2. Terro Fruit Fly Traps

    Terro Fruit Fly Traps

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    All Out Combo Pack

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No one likes trailing ants or sneaky roaches in their kitchen or bathroom. Not that they would leave your bedroom or other places alone. Speaking of the bedroom, you might just have to deal with other treacherous critters like bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes, and spiders. Annihilate their existence for once and all with Homesmiths’s high-profile range of selected insect killers, bug repellants, and traps.

A pest control product range for every kind of pest!

Just when you thought roaches sneaking out their antennas were the only pest annoyance you were dealing with, just wait till you get to know about a range of other annoying bugs and critters. Rats, ants, wasps, bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes, fruit flies, spiders…the list is pretty exhaustive. Homesmiths specializes in keeping your home well maintained and also well protected, so this part of home care certainly wouldn’t go out of our notice. You’ll find baits, repellants, and killers for all pest varieties. Rest assured, you and your family should be the only ones occupying your house and not unwelcome bugs!

Pleasantly scented, non-toxic options for repelling bugs:

While many chemical bug killers can be harmful, sometimes you do need strong chemical killers to put an end to the bug menace. However, if you’re looking for pest control chemicals that are natural and effective for dealing with a preliminary infestation, you’ll find candles and incense with natural aromatic oils like citronella and sandalwood that can serve two functions at one go. Firstly, keeping away the crawlers and buzzers, and secondly leaving your home pleasantly scented sans the chemical odor. Pick up your choice of natural repellants from Homesmiths.  

When should I use an electric mosquito killer?

An electric mosquito killer is a safer option compared to chemical repellants that can be toxic to your health by inhaling the fumes. They can zap other bugs with mosquitoes and keep your room free from the annoyance of flying insects.

How effective is an ant killer spray?

Ant killer sprays kill on contact. If you just have a trail of ants swarming into your house once in a while, then these sprays are pretty handy to get rid of visible ants. If you are dealing with a bigger infestation and an ant hill within your property, then you need a deep treatment and sprays can be effective only for temporary use.

How do I use a cockroach killer gel?

Unlike sprays that spread over a larger area, gel killers are restrictive and involve point application. You need to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to ensure it is followed properly to ensure maximum efficacy. In general, you need to clean the area before applying the gel and then leave the gel at places that would lure the roaches. Make sure your pets and kids are away from the gel.

Are pest control chemicals the same as pesticides?

If you’re talking about ingredient components, then there are a variety of chemical substances that can be used in killing or controlling pests. However, in the general sense, pest control chemicals pretty much mean the same as pesticides. Pesticides ensure that pests are killed while pest controllers can also involve products that may not kill but repel or ward off insects or animals.

Keep bugs and insects away with Homesmiths range of pest control chemicals and solutions. Shop now!