Nothing is more repelling than pests in the house, be it small or big. Mosquitoes, rats, flies, etc spread diseases and create unhygienic living conditions. To keep them off, Homesmiths has a new range of pest control products.

We offer everything ranging from bait for cockroaches to flying insect killer. With our professional quality products, pest control is made easy and can be done yourself. Make your home a haven for people, not pests with the use of our pest control chemicals.

Pest Control Chemicals & Products

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  1. Fruit Fly Trap Refill

    Fruit Fly Trap Refill

    AED 14.00
  2. Rescue Ant Baits Kill

    Rescue Ant Baits Kill

    AED 39.00
  3. Terro Ant Killer Plus

    Terro Ant Killer Plus

    AED 49.00
  4. Zero In Mozzie Vac Mosquito Killer

    Zero In Mozzie Vac

    AED 149.00
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Imagine that you are resting in your house after a long tiring day, and you see a rat escape below the sofa or a swarm of mosquitoes buzzing while you are entertaining your guests in the backyard. Feels annoying and unsafe right? Drive away and avoid pests entering your home again with Homesmiths pest control products. With a targeted approach, we aim to get your space clear of pests such as mosquitoes, spiders, rats, ants, flies, and more that make a home in your space very easily and quickly.

Pest Control Products

Our pest control range includes diverse products for all sorts of pests. In case of an influx of cockroaches in your home, make use of our cockroach gels and bait for cockroaches. They can be placed into the smallest of holes and corners for effective treatment and prevention. The innovative ant bait is a wonder product and works effectively in all rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens. It is a non-messy way of trapping and removing ants from our house. Rats spread nuisance like no other pest, and they are incredibly difficult to catch. Our rat kills effectively trap the rats, making them escape the house before they give in. We also have spider papers and sprays which catch the existing spiders and prevent any more from making webs in your corners.

For types of flies, we have the flying insect killer. We have sticky papers that trap flies, wasps, and other bugs in the house. We have specialized traps for fruit flies and bed bugs, which catch them all in one dome which can be taken outside and then emptied. The special repellents keep them away from your items. Indoor insect traps work well for flies, spiders, moths, ants, and more. For mosquitoes, we recommend you use our light-up coils. while camping or even at home, make use of our repellent gel to keep them away from you. Bait refills with machines can be used too.

Make use of our electric insect killer and glue traps, especially in monsoons. Insect repellent wax melts in light jars and candles can also be used every day to ward off insects. Make use of our pesticide sprays from time to time to avoid pest entry indoors and outdoors. Garbage guard pest strip traps pests like rats and prevents them from going into the wastebaskets.

A pest-free home is a healthy home. Buy the Homesmiths pest control chemicals today for the safety of your home and your loved ones.