Nothing is worse than stains or a bad odor, be it at home, or on your clothes. Thankfully, with the Homesmiths range of odor removers and stain removers, you will have quick and easy solutions to any and all kinds of problems.

From unwanted food and rust stains to unavoidable sweat stains, we have a specialized product for everything. If you have pets in the house, pet odor and stains are something you would be familiar with. Our odor eliminator products will keep your home and spaces clean and fragrant. Deodorize your home with a special product range by Homesmiths.

Stain Removers & Odor Eliminators

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  1. Carbona Push & Wipe Pack of 3

    Carbona Push & Wipe Pack of 3

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  2. Joie Odor Remover Giftbox
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    Joie Odor Remover Giftbox

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  3. Damp Rid Fresh Scent

    Damp Rid Fresh Scent

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We at Homesmiths are sticklers for cleanliness. From your home to your personal appearance, we want to ensure that you and your home are always looking neat and stain-free, and your space is devoid of any strange odor. Our range of odor removers has been specially curated keeping in mind the purpose of the product and your safety while using them.

Odor Eliminator Solutions

Let’s talk about odor eliminator products first. We have an array of room fresheners for you to choose from. From floral to citric, we have it all. If you own pets, we have special pet odor removers that neutralize the smell in the house for a pleasant daily experience. Our laundry soakers and clothes fresheners help you in maintaining lightly fragrant and hence fresh smelling clothes. To maintain a semblance of freshness, we recommend our lavender closet freshener for a sweet and floral smell. At home, the garbage we discard can be one of the worst-smelling areas. We offer garbage can deodorizers for the same, which will help in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

Stain Removing Solutions

Home and Living :

Now, let’s come to the stain removers. We offer specialized solutions for many various problems. For home solutions, we have carpet stain removers. During damp weather, it is commonplace to have mold and mildew accumulation in windows and walls. We have special sprays to remove those stains. Hardened deep-rooted rout is easy peasy to remove with our special cleaner. In case you have pets at home like dogs and cats, we have specialized stain removers for pet stains from clothes and furniture upholstery. In case you ended up staining your laundry with colored clothes, we have a color run remover as well to help your whites and pastels get back to the original color!


Limescale and rust ruining your beautiful kitchen and bathroom fittings?  Not anymore with our special cleaners.


In case of cooking mishaps, we offer you the best cleaners for food, dairy, wine, and cooking oil stains. Worry no more when you spill something on yourself accidentally! If you have creative toddlers in the house, you are bound to have graffiti or clay stains on the floor, walls, and furniture. And you guessed it right, we have cleaners specifically for those as well.

Specialized solutions include motor oil and blood stain removers.

Buy your favourite Homesmiths range of odor and stain removers, and never go a day with a blotch or weird smells in your life.