Mops and brooms are household cleaning essentials and there is hardly any home that doesn’t use them on a daily basis. They are the most basic cleaning tools that are cheap, effective, and can last for a long time. However, they need frequent replacements since they become worn out and dirty over time reducing their effectiveness. Homesmiths has a range of brooms, mops and mopping cloths that you can choose from if you are looking to replace the old ones with newer ones that feature better designs, and longevity.

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Our online store features a range of mops and brooms that are built using the highest quality materials that makes them last longer than ordinary brooms and mops. We also have a range of mopping cloths across various designs and textures that increases their effectiveness in getting rid of stubborn dust and grime from all kinds of surfaces. Explore our complete range right away!

Wring and Clean Sets: 

They make cleaning the floors a breeze without you having to either bend or spend hours trying to wipe off those stubborn dust stains. The wring and clean sets are mobile units that can be quickly moved from one place to another and feature a microfiber mop that effectively absorbs dust particles and water to leave behind shiny floor surfaces. Unlike traditional mops, these allow for more effective cleaning thanks to their dip and twist design that allows for ease of use when it's time to clean the floors.

Outdoor Surface Brooms:

Designed using tough materials that allow it to easily remove leaves, debris, and other stuff that tends to accumulate outdoors. If you have a lawn, garden, or porch that you want to keep free of any dirt, dust, or grime; this is a great option to get the job done in half the time it would take using a traditional broom. Moreover, the longer design allows you to keep standing straight while cleaning to keep those backaches at bay.

Cobweb Removers: 

Cobwebs are a common issue across homes all over the world, and they tend to build up, especially around wall corners, and dark areas. While a broom is effective in getting rid of them; cobweb removers are better when it comes to getting rid of cobwebs as the extendable handles make it easier to reach those corners without any struggle.

Dual Action Brooms:

Featuring a bristle brush and foam blade, they are the best when it comes to cleaning hard surfaces such as laminate, tiles, and hardwood. While the bristle brush makes it easy to part dust particles, the foam blade effectively gets rid of fine dust, dirt particles, and pet hair.

Squeeze Mops: 

Squeeze mops featuring a microfiber cloth are highly effective in picking up even the finest of dirt particles from the floors, and its unique twist option allows you to quickly rinse and remove excess water for a dry and clean surface. Sweeping and mopping the floors at the same time was never this easier.

Regular cleaning of your home using brooms and mops is a no-brainer since they are one of the best tools to keep things neat and tidy. At Homesmiths, we have everything from wringing and clean sets to outdoor surface brooms, dual-action brooms, and what not.

Our range of mops and brooms features some of the best products on the market by top brands. So, if it’s cleaning tools you need, you need to look no further as we got you covered all the way!