Cleaning sponges are versatile pieces of equipment that come in handy when it’s time for a deep cleaning session. Be it your kitchen, bathroom, toilets, or your car; it can get the job done by allowing you to scrub through various kinds of surfaces without leaving behind any scratches. 

Moreover, they are great at absorbing water, so once the session is over, everything appears nice and dry. On the other hand, cleaning wipers or a microfiber cleaning cloth are great for keeping surfaces dry by scrapping away all the water reducing the risk of anyone slipping while the cleaning session is on.

Homesmiths has a range of options to choose from to keep your home, car, garage, etc. clean and dry while making it easier to remove stubborn dirt build-up!

Cleaning Sponges & Wipes

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If you have been using a piece of cloth to clean your kitchen countertops, bathroom, etc. Then you are doing it all wrong. It’s best to use cleaning sponges or a microfiber cleaning cloth to give them a thorough cleanup and absorb any leftover water residue to give it the shine it deserves. We have a range of products to choose from to help you make those deep cleaning sessions more fun and less tasking. 

Microfiber Sponges:

Our assorted collection of microfiber spongesis perfect for removing tough stains and grease from your bathroom sinks, dishes, appliances, utensils, and other hard surfaces. The 100% microfiber material gently scraps through the dirt and grime without any risk of scratching the surface or leaving behind any residue for thorough cleaning. Just dip it in soap water and let it work its magic for an all-around satisfying cleaning experience.

Erasing Pads: 

Smudges and scuffs are bound to build up on surfaces over time. The best way to completely get rid of them is to use erasing pads that make the job much easier. It’s tough enough to even more crayon and marker smudges on walls that are hard to clean without damaging the wall paint. The products are self-sufficient and you only need to dip them in water to gently remove stains from all kinds of surfaces such as walls, countertops, coffee tables, etc.

Silicone Sponges: 

The reusable product is made of silicon to help you keep all of your pots, dishware, glassware, and other delicate items shining like new. One of the primary issues faced by people is removing stains left behind by baked food. Silicon sponges can help you loosen and remove these stains with ease. So, if you are a fan of baked food, and sparkling clean utensils, it’s a must-have product for your home.

Chamois Leather: 

This is a multipurpose cleaning and drying cloth that is great for cleaning your car, furniture, and all of your electronic devices. Compared to a normal piece of cloth, they can absorb up to 5 times more water leaving behind a clean and dry surface. The soft leather material has been designed to keep all of your surface’s scratch-proof for a streaky shine without any risk of damage. Pick one today if you have been looking for something that doesn’t scratch your car’s paint while cleaning. 

Window Wipers: 

Window wipes are the best when it comes to removing dust, grime, and dirt from your home’s windows, or your car’s windshield. They are small, durable, and designed to reach even the remote corners and crevices. The product comes with a built-in absorbent cloth that can be squeezed to remove absorbed water. These versatile products can even be used for cleaning glass, tiles, marbles, and other surfaces that need a thorough wash. 

Homesmiths range of cleaning wipers, cloths, and sponges feature some of the top brands in the market that guarantee all-around cleaning without hard labor. Pick these products to keep everything in your home clean and hygienic. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping now!