Wiping your precious windows and tiled flooring with a cloth just won’t make the cut! A floor squeegee helps us keep our floors dry and clean after it’s been subjected to a thorough wash using water or a disinfectant. The same is true for window squeegee, as it helps remove fingerprints, stains, and marks from windows without leaving any scratches or smudges on the delicate window glasses. If you are still using a cloth to keep your windows clean or have to keep the fan on even after thoroughly mopping a fully washed floor for dry purposes, then you can save a lot of time and effort by choosing a squeegee from Homesmiths extensive line-up.

Floor & Window Squeegees

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A floor squeegee comes in extremely handy when you want to have a completely dry surface within minutes as they can help you wipe the floors clean and remove excess water that can be guided easily towards a drain for disposal. They work just like the wipers on your car which helps in removing excess water to keep front view glass free of water droplets, stains, dust, and other particles to give you a clear view of the road ahead.

Homesmiths has one of the best squeegees you can buy online that offer the most value for money in terms of pricing, and ownership value. Here are few of our top products you can pick up right away!

Extendable Stainless Squeegee:

It’s the best tool for cleaning bathroomsand shower areas as it features an extendable stainless-steel handle that is helpful in reaching the farthest corners. The product can be used on a variety of surfaces such as ceramics, tiles, glasses, etc. without struggle thanks to its 14-inch reach that can be further expanded to 23.5 inches allowing you thoroughly clean your bathroom and shower areas.

Two in One Squeegees:

The two in one squeegee can be a great addition to your home as it comes with a much greater grip compared to other floor squeegees in the market thanks to its natural rubber profile. It can remove water residue completely leaving behind dry and clean floors that look great. The product also features a special cloth-lock system that helps the cloth hold on to the floors more effectively giving, allowing for a much faster and gliding action that reduces the amount of time it takes to clean all your home’s surfaces.

Spray Window Squeegee:

This portable window squeegee comes in-built with a spray bottle and a spray pump helping you quickly get rid of any stains, fingerprint marks, or grime stuck to the windows. It can also be used to effectively clean your bathroom tiles making it a multipurpose product every home must have.

Bamboo Naturals Squeegee:

This is a great product for people who care about the environment. The squeegee is made using a bamboo handle and the blades have been designed using recycled material. It’s not only eco-friendlybut is also a high-quality squeegee that comes with a flexible blade designed for faster drying and has a slim and lightweight profile.

Squeegees are indispensable products that provides highly effective cleaning while leaving behind completely dry surfaces. While regular brooming and mopping of floors and even windows, it is a great way to ensure everything remains free of dust. There are times when the only way to get rid of stubborn dirt, dust, and grime is to give surfaces and windows a thorough run down with water.

Homesmiths offers a great range of window squeegee online that you won’t find anywhere else. So, if it’s a new squeegee you are looking for, start shopping right away!