Swiffer cleaning is an essential part of housekeeping and uses a combination of razors and blades for effective all-around cleaning of stains, grime, and dirt from floors and surfaces. From starter kits to Swiffer wet jet to a Swiffer sweeper, you will find all kinds of varieties on Homesmiths. 

No matter which type of tool, appliance, or product you need, we have got you covered on our online store. Discover a whole new range of products only at Homesmiths, your online destination for everything from home cleaning tools to electrical, kitchenware, and everything else under the sun!

Swiffer Cleaning Products

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Everyone deserves a clean and well-maintained home – and Swiffer is the best brand to aid you on your way to creating a clean space. Get complete all-around cleaning with Swiffer sweeper for a home that’s free of stubborn dirt stains, grime, and dust. Make it a part of your daily cleaning regimen for that perfect home with floors that shine bright. Here are a few Swiffer cleaning products you can find at Homesmiths.

Extra Large Sweeping Kits:

The extra-large lightweight design is a perfect cleaning tool for hardwood, tiles, and vinyl flooring. The lightweight design makes it easier to manage the Swiffer when cleaning walls, ceilings, and stairs. The product comes with disposable clothes that can be easily replaced once worn out.

Swiffer Wet Jet: 

Our lineup of wet jet Swiffer is designed to be robust and feature reinforced handles for longer life, along with dual spray nozzles and a flexible head that allow for the best possible cleaning of various surfaces thanks to its reach and flexibility.

Wet Jet Wood Cleaning Solutions: 

If you have wooden flooring at home, then you should ideally pick one of our wet jet wood cleaning solutions which is a steam cleaning system that allows for thorough cleaning of wooden surfaces without the need to rinse. Give your wooden flooring the shiny streak it deserves with these products specially designed for expensive wooden flooring.

Wet Jet Multipurpose Cleaners: 

Works great on all kinds of floors including wood, laminate, marble, ceramic tiles, vinyl, and more. The wet jet multipurpose cleaner is made for breaking and dissolving even the toughest of dirt, grime, and grease, and leaves a fresh fragrance behind.

Swiffer Dry Cloth: 

The Swiffer dry cloth has electrostatic properties that make it easier to trap dust, dirt, and hair particles. It works better than a broom for cleaning surfaces like tabletops, plates, etc. without damaging any surfaces that require thorough but delicate cleaning. 

Duster Kits: 

The Swiffer duster kits are great for daily use and will get the job done in less than half the time ordinary dusters take. It sweeps through hair, dirt, and allergens and traps them on contact. Use it daily to keep your home free of dirt and dust particles that tend to float in the air causing allergies in susceptible people. 

Starter Kits: 

If you are new to Swiffer products, then this starter kit is great to get you familiarized with this wonderful product. The starter kit includes a combination of sweeper, dry cloths, and wet clothes for cleaning all kinds of surfaces and maintaining a clean home. 

Bring home a Swiffer wet jet product today or choose any of the other Swiffer products on offer at Homesmiths. Start picking and adding to your cart and let us get the products from our warehouse to your home in a jiffy. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping now!