Drano Clog Remover 80 ounce

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Drano Clog Remover is a powerful tool to use in your kitchen sinks to declog. The product effectively dissolves any clog in your drain and gets rid of standing water. This product is safe on most surfaces, such as PVC, metal pipes, septic systems etc and does the job in less than 15 minutes. Read More
Drano Clog Remover is an ideal solution to clogged drains. Simply pour the solution, wait for about 15 minutes and flush with hot water. This product cuts through standing water and quickly melts the grease in the drain. It is safe on PVC, metal pipes, garbage disposals, septic systems etc. The liquid would work with any clog, including hair clogs, slow drain, standing water and pipe build up. Keep your kitchen fresh smelling with this very effective solution.

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