Homesmiths BP Wood Screw 2 X 12 mm

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Wood screws, as the name suggests, are the screws which are best utilized when used with wooden furniture or homeDecor materials as it is specially designed keeping the material in mind. The Homesmiths BP Wood Screws are ideal to help you carry out your construction or DIY projects with wood. Read More
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Not all materials are the same and has a different capacity of tensile strength they can bear. In the same way not all screws should be the same as some materials don't need much strength in order to be worked on. The BP wood screws from Homesmiths are a great screw for wooden material as it can easily pierce the outer surface without causing any tears or damage which can break the wood in the long run and can attach two pieces of wood seamlessly together.
  • Perfect for wooden material and furniture.
  • Easily pierces in the surface without having to apply to much pressure.
  • Causes no harm or damage to the internal structure of the wood.
  • Size: 2 X 12 mm
Brand Homesmiths
Color Gold
Material Mild Steel

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