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Baking is a delight and so is using a variety of pans and molds for crafting perfectly baked delicacies! Homesmiths’ bakeware collection is top-tier with an assortment of baking supplies, utensils, and equipment. Shop to your bake-loving heart’s delight while picking up baking dishes, sheets, and pans from an exhaustible range. Explore different materials like a pyrex baking dish, a glass baking dish, ceramic, aluminum, silicone, carbon steel, cast iron, and porcelain. Dig your hands into your cherished activity with the choicest baking accessories. Baking cakes and pizzas will now have an added excitement. So go ahead, shop for your cherished baking collection and enrich your baking experience in your kitchen.

Baking Pans & Molds

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Whether you’re looking for some new bakeware or starting out with trying your hands at baking, Homesmiths will give you a multitude of options to select the perfect baking range. Trying little confections? Pick up a cupcake pantart pan, or baking sheet. Choose your best cake pan from an assortment of loaf and cake pans. Cook up and serve in beautiful ramekins

The need for quality baking pans:

Baking pans can offer a lot of flexibility in terms of preparing your cakes and baked items to perfection. Using cake molds to achieve your desired shapes and perfect texture can make your baking experience hassle-free. A tart panpancake pan, pie pan, cake tin, roasting pan, or a fancy chocolate mold—explore every kind of bakeware you would need, only at Homesmiths. 

Types of baking pans you’ll find at Homesmiths:

Homesmiths, we have a wide range of baking pans, molds, and baking accessories to complete your bakeware collection. The following types are the basic and popular ones:

  1. Round: The most common kind of cake pans. 
  2. Square and rectangular: They are popular for making brownies, bars of cakes, and similar baked items. 
  3. Sheet: Looks like a tray, they are best for baking several items at one go. 
  4. Loaf: For baking bread loaves and loaf cakes.
  5. Cupcake/muffin: These are best for making portion-sized desserts like cupcakes, shortcakes, buns, etc. They usually bake a dozen in a batch.
  6. Bundt: For making distinctive bundt cakes, they have a hole in the center for lending the unique shape of a bundt cake. 
  7. Springform: This type of pan has a removable bottom and the bottom latches onto the sides with clasps. It helps to easily remove the baked food after baking. It is useful for making tarts (if you don’t have a tart pan), cheesecakes and quiches.


What should I look for when buying bakeware?

Firstly decide on which material to opt for. You’ll find bakeware in a multitude of options from traditional glass, ceramic, cast iron, and aluminum to modern silicone, carbon steel, and nonstick-coated options. The second thing you need to consider is the heat retention property and conductivity.

What are must haves for baking?

  • Baking sheet
  • Cake pan
  • Thermometer
  • Tart pan
  • Cupcake pan
  • Molds
  • Mixer
  • Glass/pyrex baking dish
  • Rolling pin
  • Food scale
  • Measuring cups

What is the best material for baking pans?

 Different materials have different heating properties. So it depends on how your baking is going to be—more crispy or evenly cooked? For fast heat distribution, metallic options like aluminum and cast iron are popular. However, borosilicate glass and ceramic can also serve as ideal baking utensils and serveware. Check for durability, ease of cleaning, and how well the bakeware fits into your baking needs.

What are ramekins used for?

A ramekin bowl is a single-serving bowl used for preparing baked dishes and also for serving. It has a cylindrical shape with ridged sides that sets it apart from usual serving bowls. Ramekins can come with lids and beautiful designs. They are great for serving soufflés, and baked savories, and also for storing leftover baked items. They are commonly made from ceramics or porcelain. 

Baking the most scrumptious cakes or muffins is now easy! With Homesmiths range of bakeware, you can choose from an extensive collection of pans and molds, cupcake pan, baking sheet, tart pan and much more. Shop now.