Cake decoration is an art, and no matter what your level of artistry is in it, you’d always need a good bunch of cake decorating tools. Homesmiths brings in a range of premium grade, easy-to-use baking tools for this purpose so that you can add finesse to your delicious cakes by making them look fancy. Choose from icing pipes, frosting kits, different styles of icing nozzles, frosting stencils, dessert molds, cookie cutters, icing spatula, cake scraper, fondant cutters and smoothers, cake stands, sugar and chocolate shakers, basting brushes, and any tools to make your ideal frosted cake. Surprise your guests and friends with beautifully decorated cakes that look like they were made by professional pastry chefs.

Baking & Cake Decorating Tools

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  1. Salter Press Chopper

    Salter Press Chopper

    AED 65.00
  2. Scrapcooking Chocolate Eggs Workshop
    40% OFF

    Scrapcooking Chocolate Eggs Workshop

    AED 69.00 AED 41.40
  3. Scrapcooking Pastry Grid 25 x 40 cm
    40% OFF

    Scrapcooking Pastry Grid 25 x 40 cm

    AED 49.00 AED 29.40
  4. Scrapcooking 3D Flower Piping Tip Kit
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    Scrapcooking 3D Flower Piping Tip Kit

    AED 59.00 AED 35.40
  5. Scrapcooking 3D Froufrou Piping Tip Kit
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    Scrapcooking 3D Froufrou Piping Tip Kit

    AED 59.00 AED 35.40
  6. Scrapcooking 3 Multi Tip Couplers
    40% OFF

    Scrapcooking 3 Multi Tip Couplers

    AED 29.00 AED 17.40
  7. Scrapcooking Pastry Syringe
    40% OFF

    Scrapcooking Pastry Syringe

    AED 39.00 AED 23.40
  8. Scrapcooking 1 Piping Bag Plus 4 Piping Tips
    40% OFF
  9. Taylors Eye Witness Stainless Steel Cake Server
    30% OFF
  10. Joie Meow Cat Microwave Splatter Lid
    10% OFF

    Joie Meow Cat Microwave Splatter Lid

    AED 30.00 AED 27.00
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26 Items Found

Who doesn’t love frosting and icing their cakes? While cake decoration is an art to master, using cake decorating tools can help amateur bakers make simple cakes look stunning. Homesmiths not only covers the common frosting tools, but also smart and easy-to-use decorating supplies that’ll help you roll out fabulous-looking frosted cakes like a pastry chef! From basic piping bags to smart decorating tools, you’ll get them all at Homesmiths!

Grab the Basics

If you’re getting started for the first time, choose the basics first. For prepping the icing or frosting creams, you’ll need bowls and whiskers. To lay out fondant, you’ll need rolling pins with bases and other tools to mold it. For caking prepping, you’ll need a leveled surface to lay the icing on the cake. For this, you’ll need cake scrapers and peeling tools. Homesmiths has you covered with the basics like—rolling pins, cake shredders, edging tools, side scrapers, basting brushes, spatula, fondant cutters, icing nozzles, and piping bags. In addition, you can use tools like pastry blenders, fondant smoothers, and cutters to make your process easy.  

Ways to Get Creative!

Piping bags and spatula are the basics for cake decorations. However, there are more ways to get creative in cake decorations with assorted nozzles and frosting kits that’ll help you decorate beautiful cakes effortlessly! Use frosting stencils along with cake scrapers to get perfectly leveled and neat-looking icing. Use creatively shaped molds for shaping chocolates and jellies to use them as toppings. You’ll get sugar and chocolate dusters for powdering your cake with yummy sprinkles and making them stand out. Combine more than one color for icing and use smart dual-tip piping bags or bottles to decorate your cakes in multicolored icing creams.

Creative Ways for Desserts Other Than Cakes

You’ll get baking equipment for icing and frosting, not just for cakes but for all kinds of desserts. For example, you can use a fancy cookie cutter for baking cookies in creative shapes of animals, birds, and other fun symbols on special occasions. Using cookie cutters is a fun way to involve kids in baking as it helps them get crafty. It can also give you a change when traditional round cookies need a fancy makeover. Other than frosting, use other decorative items to prep your dessert decorations. Use cake toppers, beautifully designed cupcake holders, stackers, liners, and cute cases to serve your desserts.  

Cake decoration can take skills, but it can get easy-peasy when you use tools to make it an effortless task. You’ll get an assortment of baking tools at Homesmiths for cake and dessert decorations. So go ahead and explore them all!