How do you get a bustling kitchen without the cooking pots and pans? Rather to get the kitchen rolling, the cooking pan and the pot, are the most essential items! At Homesmiths, you’ll get an attractive range of cookware to explore. Pick up what you need the most, from cast iron skillets, grill pans, stainless steel pans, casseroles, cast iron pans, sauce pans, frying pans, cooking pans, turners, cast aluminum cookware, carbon steel pans, splatter guards, divided sauce pans, serving pans, pan and tong sets, and more. Homesmiths products are selected from pro-standard brands selling the finest quality products. Be it a cast iron pan or a casserole set, you can be ensured of top-tier product selection at Homesmiths.

Cooking Pots & Pans

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  1. Tramontina 6.5 Quart Covered Round Dutch Oven
    50% OFF
  2. Tramontina 3.5 Quart Covered Round Dutch Oven
    50% OFF
  3. Tramontina 10 inch Skillet Cast Iron
    50% OFF

    Tramontina 10 inch Skillet Cast Iron

    AED 495.00 AED 247.50
  4. Tramontina 11 inch Grill Pan With Press Cast Iron
    50% OFF
  5. Core 4 Quart Lunar Eclipse Dutch Oven Blue
    32% OFF

    Core 4 Quart Lunar Eclipse Dutch Oven Blue

    AED 219.00 AED 149.00
  6. Jaz Splatter Guard Pro

    Jaz Splatter Guard Pro

    AED 19.00
  7. Nordic 2 in 1 Divided Sauce Pan
    40% OFF

    Nordic 2 in 1 Divided Sauce Pan

    AED 189.00 AED 113.40
  8. Nordic 12 inch Texas Skillet
    40% OFF

    Nordic 12 inch Texas Skillet

    AED 129.00 AED 77.40
  9. Tramontina 24Cm Casserole Una
    45% OFF

    Tramontina 24Cm Casserole Una

    AED 199.00 AED 109.00
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55 Items Found

The perfectly seasoned food and simmering delicacies need the best cookware! To ensure that you select the best cooking pots and pans, Homesmiths has got you covered with the best cookware to prepare those lip-smacking dishes. Indulge yourself in the finest cooking experience ever with the premium choice of cooking utensils. We always have that one pan or pot that’s missing from our kitchen collection. So, make sure, that you find that special piece and complete your cookware collection from Homesmiths. 

What do you use a casserole pan for?

Casseroles and casserole sets can be multipurpose and highly useful cookware for the kitchen. They are used for making big-sized meals like soups, stews, roasts, etc. and they can also keep the food hot for a sufficient amount of time. They can be also used as serveware, thus making them a practical item for use in cooking. 

What's the difference between a sauce pan and a frypan?

Both kinds of pans are used for simmering, boiling, and sautéing. The main difference between a sauce pan and a frying pan is the size and edges. Frying pans are bigger and wider than sauce pans and have slanting edges. Their diameter exceeds greatly than their height. They traditionally came without lids and were made only from cast iron. Frying pans are also called skillets. A cast iron skillet is therefore, nothing different than a frying pan. Sauce pans are shallow pans with straight edges or sidewalls. They have lids with them. 

Is a cast iron pan better than stainless steel pans?

Both pans have their own advantages. Cast iron is more suited for slow cooking on low flames as it can get too hot for handling. Stainless steel is suitable for everyday cooking, and distributes heat more evenly than cast iron. On the other hand, cast iron skillets are found to make healthier meals and provide non-stick properties without any chemical coating. If you want a lightweight, quick cooking solution for daily food preparations, then stainless steel pans are a better choice. Also, if you are just learning to cook, starting off with stainless steel cookware would be the best choice. However, cast iron pans have their share of advantages and a traditional option, so you can go with that if you’re comfortable with it. 

What is a grill pan good for?

grill pan is a perfect solution for an indoor barbecue. They have ridges for making charred marks on the grilled food. These pans are exclusively designed for grilling and barbecuing meats, fish, and veggies. 

Be it a grill pan, cast iron skillet, a frypan, or a casserole set, discover a wide range of cookware, only at Homesmiths! Shop now.