You’d know you need a mincer or a food chopper in the kitchen when you need to mince veggies and meat for stuffings, fillings, and wraps. The same goes for preparing grounded spices for achieving the perfect taste of your grandma’s recipe. It is best done by yourself using a mortar set as no ready-to-use seasoning available in the market could ever match that flavor. When it comes to finely chopped ingredients, nothing beats a good set of a food chopper or a mincer. To ensure that your cooking renders the perfect taste of your tireless inputs, Homesmiths has a variety of kitchen tools & gadgets for all things related to mincing, pounding, chopping, mashing and perfectly blended consistencies. Explore the range of potato mashers, vegetable choppers, garlic presses, mortar sets, food choppers and more at Homesmiths.

Vegetable Choppers & Herb Mincers

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  1. Joie Meat Tenderizer

    Joie Meat Tenderizer

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  2. Joie Bear Meat Claws

    Joie Bear Meat Claws

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  3. Joie Garlic Press

    Joie Garlic Press

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Get small tasks that take more time than it’s justified done in a jiffy with proper tools from Homesmiths! Choose a potato masher to make lump-less mashed potatoes perfect for fillings. Get your oriental seasonings ready with finely chopped garlic and ginger with a garlic press. Quit your struggles with the knife while prepping finely chopped vegetables by switching to a vegetable chopper. You will have all these nifty tools at your disposal at Homesmiths’ collection. So get ready for a sped-up cooking experience with the handiest tools up for grabs!

What can I use if I don't have a garlic mincer

If you don’t have a garlic mincer or a garlic press, you can always buy one for future use. For the time being, you can opt for a grater like a rasp grater to mince the garlic. You can run a garlic clove on the grater while holding it above the cooking pan. This will directly add the minced garlic to the food. 

What is the use of a potato masher?

potato masher is a handy tool for mashing or crushing soft foods like potatoes for fillings, peas for soups, beans for refried beans, apples for applesauce, bananas for banana bread, pumpkin for pies, berries for jams, chickpeas for hummus, etc. It has a mashing head connected to a handle or holder. It is a versatile tool used in food preparations.

 What is a food chopper good for?

food chopper makes it faster for prepping food. Instead of cutting vegetables, meat, fish, or mushroom by hand with a knife, a food chopper does the same job, but faster. The vegetables and anything else can be chopped down as finely as you would want to. You can also control the cut and edging of the chopped food. It helps to add taste to the food since a well-chopped ingredient releases more flavor to the dish. It also enables nutrient release. Chopped food is easier to eat. It is perfect for dicing, mincing, and chopping food for a dish. You can easily prepare dishes like pies and lasagna which require minced and finely chopped ingredients. 

How do you use a mortar set?

Mortar sets are extremely handy tools and have been used traditionally for pounding herbs and spices. A mortar set consists of a bowl and a pestle. The pestle is used as the grinding club. The mortar set is made from durable materials like stone, cast iron, or wood. It is great for grounding whole spices and preparing finely blended seasonings for a dish. 

Smart, innovative and handy tools & gadgets in the kitchen can make all the difference in your entire kitchen experience. Save time and effort by investing in tools such as food chopper, garlic press, mortar set and more, only from Homesmiths. Shop now.