OSRAM T5 Tube 21W Day Light

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Great economy lighting from OSRAM T5 tube helps save 50% electricity and cuts costs to that extent. This efficient light comes with a 20% higher lifespan. Highly useful in a wide variety of domestic and commercial applications. OSRAM T5 Tube 21W is 100% dimmable, as well. Read More
OSRAM T5 tube lighting solutions are economical and efficient. With an average life span of about 24000 hours, they help save costs. Appropriate for use in a wide variety of domestic and commercial uses. This efficient OSRAM tube is a base type T5 light and is a 21 Watts lighting tube. With high levels of energy efficiency and economy this is an A certified lighting solution. All T5 lighting solutions are dimmable. The T5 tubes require a starter and an electronic ballast to turn the light on.
  • Highly efficient and economical.
  • T5 is a good color rendering light.
  • Lifespan of 24,000 hours
  • 21W output
  • Offers good lumen maintenance with an average of up to 90% of lumen throughout the lifespan.
  • Suitable for uses in public building, offices, shops and domestic spaces, as well.

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Dimensions2.10 foot

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