The right kind of curtain rods & hooks can make a powerful statement in an otherwise dull bathroom. Simply adding shower curtains can complement the space and enhance its aesthetic. At Homesmiths, you’ll find everything you need to up your shower game! From the choicest selection of bathroom curtains rods to bathroom hooks and shower curtains to shower accessories,  we’ve got everything you need to transform your space from ‘boring’ to ‘extraordinary’. Whether you have a bathtub or a shower area, water dripping and spreading to the whole bathroom can be cumbersome to dry and clean. Homesmiths' shower curtain rods help you keep your bathroom clean by limiting splashes and the spread of water when you are taking a shower or a bath.

Shower Curtains, Rods & Curtain Hooks

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Homesmiths understands the need to improve every nook of your home to make it more functional, appealing, neat, and clutter-free – and the shower space is no exception! Our choicest range of accessories includes everything you need, right from the basic shower curtain rod, and bathroom hooks to more sophisticated tension rods that do not require any drills for installation. Our collection includes a wide array of curtains for your shower that can elevate the look of your bathroom. You can also choose from a collection of curtain rods & hooks that act as handy organizers for bathroom sponges or for hanging other accessories.

An incredible range of curtains rods at Homesmiths:

  • Adjustable shower curtain rods

Available in straight and curved designs, the length of these shower rods can be adjusted, making them ideal to fit in any space in your home. These rods offer versatility and can be customized depending on the dimensions of the space you wish to use them in.

  • Tension curtain rod

Easy to install and multifunctional, these types of bathroom curtain rods come with non-slip rubber mounts which prevent your walls and tiles from getting scratched. Requiring no drilling or additional hardware, these are the ideal solution when looking for a convenient fix. 

  • Fixed rod

These are often a more permanent solution and are cut to size and installed into the walls of your bathroom. Sturdy and durable, this type of rod requires drilling into your bathroom walls or tiles and is not as easy to install as other options.

What is the purpose of installing bathroom hooks?

How often have you run into the bathroom with your towel and realized there's nowhere to hang it? Whether you're getting ready in the morning or getting cleaned up after a workout, being able to dry yourself with a towel should be an effortless process. Bathroom hooks are an essential and easy-to-install bathroom accessory. You can select from different kinds of hooks to hang your loofahs, sponges, caddies, towels, bathrobes, clothes, and so much more!

Why should you use bathroom curtain rods?

Knowing the different styles of shower curtain rods available and how best to use them in your bathroom's design can go a long way in keeping water where it needs to be and protecting your bathroom. It can also provide more stylish design options for your next bathroom renovation or rental home.

Why are bathroom curtain rods important?

Bathroom curtain rods are an essential part of hanging shower curtains. They are designed to enhance your bath spaces as much as the curtains themselves, so it's best not to overlook them. They are available in a variety of different styles, colors, designs, and options!

What are the different types of bathroom curtain rods available?

Shower curtain rods come in different styles, fashionably made to complement various shower layouts. The size and shape of a shower, and whether it is combined with your bathtub, plays a role in the style of rod most suitable for you to choose. Your personal design preference, as well as the type of walls you have, also plays a part in the final decision. Some top options are adjustable, fixed, and tension variants.

Discover a wide range of possibilities in transforming your shower space with Homesmiths’ finest range of curtain rods & hooks collection.