You can’t leave bathroom organization on the bottom agenda while you have the rest of your house sorted, right? That’s why shower caddies & shelves, and that too selected from a range of stylish and ergonomic designs, are here to make your organization game strong. Choose from practical designs, sophisticated looks, a plethora of choices in terms of functionality, and more! Corner caddies, over-the-shower caddies, hose caddies, turn-n-lock caddies, and bathroom shelves from Homesmiths would ensure that your bathroom is all decked up and tidy. No more leaving your soaps at inconvenient spots like on the sink or the tub ledge or, knocking over shampoo bottles when you need to grab them. Give your bathroom the much-needed organization of shelves and caddies with the choicest picks from Homesmiths.

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Your bathroom can be a pretty messy place if you don’t have an organization unit. Before you know it, your latest addition to your shampoo collection is enough to tip the scale of your  storage while your corners are barely keeping up with the stacked bottles and bars. So to avoid a mess of bottles, bars of soap, scrubbers, and whatnot, it’s better you have a handy organizer in place to keep all your toiletries nicely arranged. Homesmiths has got a way lot more options than you’d expect for exploring the perfect shower caddies & shelves. Choose just the right one for yourself!

Options to explore at Homesmiths:

Thinking about the perfect shelf or caddy for your bathroom? Think no more! You’ll have too many choices for picking up your perfect caddy. Shower caddies or over-the-door caddies can help you use up the vertical space and requires no drilling at all. You can go for side caddies for bathtubs as well. You’ll find fusion caddies, corner caddies, and turn-and-lock caddies so that you can pick up the one that suits your preference. 

Keeping it tidy!

While toiletries may seem simple, storing them properly can become an onerous task. Razors, toothbrushes, trimmers, shaving creams, face washes, scrubs, shampoos, soap bars, and other knick knacks can seem quite a handful. Bathroom storage organizers have sections and are properly designed to save on space and provide maximum area for storage. So if you want to keep your bathroom items neat and prevent them from rolling over, then a nice bathroom caddy or shelf is the answer. 

What type of shower caddy is the best?

You need to consider certain factors like, is the material rust resistant? How long will it last? How easy is it to set up the caddy and how sturdy it is after setting it up? Is it big enough for your stuff? How much space would it occupy and of course the price point compared to similar caddies? 

Where is the best place to hang shower shelves?

Shower shelves are designed for hanging above the shower head. The next best option would be a spot that’s easy to access. Some of them have hooks that can be used for hanging them above the door or on the rails of the shower curtain.

How high should bathroom shelves be?

If you are setting up a bathroom shelf just above the toilet, you need to make sure that they are at a height that won’t knock against your head when you get up from the toilet seat. An approximately good height for the toilet shelf would be 2 feet above the flush tank.

Is it better to get a plastic or mesh shower caddy?

Each has its benefits. A plastic caddy dries quicker and is easier to clean. They are also more durable than mesh caddies. Mesh caddies take less space and are easier to set up.  

Add some much-needed functionality to your bathroom space by getting shower caddies and shelves from Homesmiths. Shop now!