A beautiful sparkling toilet with a spectacular setup from those TV commercials doesn’t seem like a distant dream. Not just because you have the top toilet cleaners (yes, you would get those here too, at Homesmiths) but because you have options to explore toilet accessories that redefine bathroom organization. You can choose from classy-looking toilet cleaning tools and make your bathroom stand out like it just got a makeover. Sophisticated, practical, ergonomic, and trendy—find all of them combined in Homesmiths’s collection of toilet accessories. Select from toilet paper holders, sleek toilet brushes, plungers, multipurpose toilet stands, and more. Homesmiths has a wonderful range to welcome you into the world of top-notch contemporary toilet accessories.

Toilet Cleaning

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toilet brush is your basic tool for keeping the toilet clean, but it doesn’t need to be an eyesore stored against the wall in the toilet. Gone are the days when the nice toilets with fancy accessories were reserved as guest toilets in the house, while the ones you used were a concealed place with a not-so-glamorous setup. Modern cleaning accessories come in sleek and ergonomic designs to match the mood of modern interiors. They are designed for functionality and elegance. Say goodbye to old-fashioned, inconvenient, and frayed toilet brushes and cleaning tools, as your toilet deserves much better! Choose from Homesmiths’ range today!

When Functionality Combines Aesthetics

Today’s toilet brushes and holders are more than about functionality. Of course, their job remains the same and they have undergone improvements, but it doesn’t end there. The regular toilet paper holder, for example, can be a beautifully designed holder cum reserve cum shelf, serving multiple purposes as a toilet roll holder! The toilet brushes come in holders with long handles matching modern decor. You don’t need to throw away the entire set when it goes out of use as they often have replaceable brush heads, making it an economical and elegant-looking choice. Some holders have swivel, free-standing, or hanging functions making wall drilling a passé.

Matching the Interior Decor

You no longer need to stick to plastic or rubber cleaning accessories that would stick out in your tiled or marbled toilet. Choose from toilet holders that have a wooden or stone finish that complements the toilet and bathroom interior. If you have a neutral bathroom finish, you can set contrasts with colorful accessories.

How do I choose a toilet brush?

Choose a brush that is hygienic to use and doesn’t accumulate dirt easily. It should have an ergonomic design to fit into tight spaces, an easy cleaning mechanism, and an optimum handle length that helps you to clean the bowl without soiling your hands.

Where do you put the toilet paper holder in a small bathroom?

Try toilet paper stands with a holder, reserve, and shelf which take up vertical space and also require no drilling. They are highly space-saving, look trendy, and have a sleek design.

Which brush is used for toilet cleaning?

Toilet brushes are designed to reach out to difficult-to-clean places like inside the rim of toilet bowls. They are easy to use and move. Check for the brush head features, they are made from silicone bristles or plastic bristles.

How often should you throw away your toilet brush?

Plastic bristle toilet brushes should be replaced after every 6 months. Toilet brushes can accumulate dirt and bacteria over time. It is best not to keep using them for a very long period.

At Homesmiths, we’ve got everything you need to transform your bathroom into a functional, warm, and inviting space equipped with all the essentials you’ll ever need. Explore our range of toilet tools today!