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A bathroom towel holder is an accessory that keeps your towel within reach just when you need it. Towel bars are ideally placed near the sink, shower, or bath. They come in customizable designs and aesthetics to match the home and bathroom interiors. Not finding a towel within reach after a bath or tossing wet towels here and there (on the bed, worse still!) can be a messy affair that you can do away with a proper towel hanger suited for your use. They come in different varieties, sizes, and styles. At Homesmiths, you’ll find your ideal towel holder perfectly suited to your needs.

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A bathroom towel holder is among the basics of keeping your bathroom organized. Towel rods help to hang bath towels and even robes because of their length. A spacious bathroom can hold multiple towel holders, while in smaller spaces, it’s a good idea to have one such holder in compact bathrooms. They are available in different varieties, styles, colors, and functionality. Homesmiths provides a one-stop destination for the perfect pick of the towel holder for your bathroom and indoor spaces.

Why Should You Get Bar Towel Holders for Your Bathroom?

Looks Stylish and Elegant:

Yes. A long stainless steel finish pole or bar as a hanger looks elegant and stylish on the bathroom wall. It’d go along with most kinds of bathroom interiors.

Better Drying While Storing at Their Required Place:

Searching for a towel when you need it the most inside the bathroom and not getting it can be a frustrating experience. So, it’s wise to get a towel holder fixed within the bathroom for easy access. Place them next to your shower or bath area. Bar towel holders take up horizontal space in the bathroom and are better than hooks for hanging, as it prevents the bunching up of towels or wet clothes like a knob or hook hanger. Wet bathrooms provide limited ventilation, and damp conditions can cause towels to dry slowly and cause bacterial growth. In this case, using a towel hanger of sufficient horizontal length allows the towel to spread and dry.

More Storage and Cross-Functionality:

A towel bar provides enough space for storing towel sets, clothes, and robes along with your daily-use towel. It can be used for hanging and drying clothes like undergarments, which you’d prefer to be in discreet view.

Over-The-Door/Over-The-Cabinet Option for Taking Less Space:

This kind of towel bar is a super space-saver with no drilling fuss. This cool towel bar can be hung on the door of a bathroom or cabinet. They are made from stainless steel and are durable while perfectly serving the purpose of a handy towel holder. Some of them are expandable kinds that can hold more than one towel at a time. Over-the cabinet holders are great for hand towel hanging. This option of the towel bar optimizes space and scores above hooks and circle hangers.   

Towel bars look exquisite and serve the purpose in more than one way. Homesmiths provides beautiful varieties of towel holders to choose from. So, if you are looking for new fixtures in your bathroom or undergoing remodelling, explore the options at Homesmiths.