A bathroom towel holder is an accessory that keeps your towel within reach just when you need it. Towel bars are ideally placed near the sink, shower, or bath as that’s where you need them the most. They come in customizable designs and aesthetics to match the home and bathroom interiors. Not finding a towel within reach after a bath is pretty frustrating. Also, tossing wet towels here and there (on the bed, worse still!) can be a messy affair that you can do away with a proper towel rack suited for your use. They come in different varieties, sizes, and styles to explore. At Homesmiths, you’ll find your ideal towel holder perfectly suited to your needs.

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A towel within reach is a high-time need when you’ve got soap in your eyes or need to wipe your face which is dripping all wet. Installing a towel holder to make sure you have your towel nearby just when you need it is a basic need in the bathroom. Homesmiths’ range of useful towel bars and holders are extremely handy bathroom organizers for exploring.

Towel Bars Offer More Storage and Cross-Functionality

A towel bar provides enough space for storing towel sets, clothes, and robes along with your daily-use towel. It can be used for hanging and drying clothes like undergarments, which you’d prefer to be in a discreet view.

Elegant Styles To Choose From

Homesmiths has a range of stylish towel bars and towel handles to accentuate any look of a bathroom. You can explore the varieties in terms of looks, features, and functionality (hooks, drilling installation vs. over-the-edge hanging options), and pick the right one for yourself.

Where should a bathroom towel rack be placed?

Towel racks, bars, and holders are best placed near the sink, bathtubs, shower, or any bathing or washing area so that the towel can be located within reach. If you install a towel bar, you’d need to use the horizontal wall space and you have to check for the spacing requirements in the bathroom.

Do you need a towel rack in the bathroom?

A towel rack can be quite useful for storing towels whether folded or hanging. You can also store clothes and other toilet items and utilize the rack space. In this way, a toilet rack can become a cross-functional item that stores both towels and other bathroom items.

Do towels dry better on a towel hook or a towel bar?

Towel hooks can be space-saving as they don’t take up a lot of space but they provide limited storage space as well. You may need a line of hooks for hanging multiple items. A toilet bar will need more space across the wall but it will dry the wet towels faster. Hooks can lead to bunching up on clothes and don’t allow enough air to flow through.

How do I choose a bathroom towel holder?

Choosing a towel holder depends on how much space you have for it. You can explore towel racks, towel rings, towel hooks, towel bars, and more depending on how much space you can accommodate for it. An over-the-door or over-the-cabinet towel rack can be a handy towel holder. Some of them are expandable kinds that can hold more than one towel at a time. This option of the towel holder optimizes space and scores above hooks and circle hangers.   

So, what are you waiting for? Add maximum utility and practical functionality to your bathroom by investing in Homesmiths’ smart range of bathroom accessories. From towel holders to bars, we’ve got it all. Get started today!