Have you ever wanted to wear your favorite shirt, but when you went to put it on, you discovered that it was wrinkled because you had simply stashed it in your closet? This is why you need to invest in hangers! The purpose of the clothes hanger is to provide you with easy access to your garments and to help you assign a specific location inside your home for the storage of your garments. Additionally, it is used to prevent wrinkles in garments and keep clothing dry. Homesmiths provides a variety of clothes hanger solutions, each of which has the greatest designs, best brands, and highest quality materials. Explore the options available at our shop now to revitalize your collection of organizers and get one step closer to being organized!


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If you want your clothing to remain in the finest shape possible, selecting the appropriate hanger is essential. If you use the incorrect hanger, your freshly ironed garments may develop wrinkles, and you will have to throw away that costly suit or dress. A clothes hanger is an essential item for every home. From tops, shirts, and ties, to belts, formals, and more, they help organize everything and optimize the space in your closet. Different kinds of closet storage containers are available for the purpose, and it is important to use the correct ones for the longevity of your items and better organization.

Different types of hangers you can find at Homesmiths:

  • Wire: These are crafted out of slender wires. Due to their cost-effective nature, dry cleaners employ them. Thin-wired options are the most fragile. They lose form quickly and cannot support heavier garments. If misshaped, they may deform textiles. They rust too.
  • Metallic: Stronger than wire options. Iron, copper, and others make them quite sturdy. Rustproof, they endure forever. Woolen and leather outfits hang well on them. Forging strengthens them.
  • Wooden: Like metal variants, they are sturdy and durable. They also fit jackets and coats. They're trouble-free. Wooden ones are treated and polished for durability.
  • Plastic: Plastic variants are everywhere. They're affordable, low-maintenance, and good for all seasons. Plastic hangers fit everything well. They have a long shelf life when used properly.
  • Fabric/Satin/Velvet: Since these are all sorts of fabric hangers, we grouped them. Woven and cushioned materials make the perfect hangers for garments. They fit delicate garments. They have dress-holding indentations. They won't rub in your closet either. Use them only on dry garments to avoid damage.
  • Trendy shirt hangers: These can hold shirts well. An overall framework and notches keep the cloth in place.
  • Pant hangers: Folding pants on a straight bar to keep them organized. Use the one with pants-hanging clips for heavier fabrics.
  • Suit Hangers: These hold the jacket, vest, and trousers together. It makes it easy to grab and wear them.
  • Swivel: Rotatable heads make it easy to hang them back in the closet. This makes them excellent for youngsters' outfits.
  • Straps/Notches: Notches prevent garments from falling.

Why is a hanger useful?

A clothes hanger is a useful tool for storing and organizing garments. Having a hook and two protruding arms, it is a rather straightforward device that can help you hang up your clothes. Since there are a wide array of well-built options on the market, you can use these to keep your closet organized and your garments in order.

Why purchase a clothes hanger?

It helps to conserve space while also maintaining a nice and clean environment. The majority of the time, it is used for drying wet items and laundry. It may be found in a variety of forms and dimensions; plastic, wire, velvet, and more.

Are metal or plastic hangers better?

Plastic variants are much more sturdy and hold their shape well compared to their wired counterparts. In addition, plastic is molded with wide rounded shoulders that won’t leave marks on your clothing.

What kind of hangers are best for clothes?

The best option out there is hands down the velvet one! They’re quite durable, save space, and do not cause unnecessary damage to your clothes. Furthermore, they have enough friction so clothes don’t slip. Wooden options work equally well, especially for heavy garments.

If you are fed up with the worn-out plastic hangers at your house and are unable to fathom the variety that is available nowadays, then you should have a look at the incredible selection of clothes hangers that are offered at Homesmiths. We have every kind of closet organizer that you could be searching for, so explore our amazing selection today!