Every closet has a handful of hangers for storing clothes. A closet hanger organizer can be used beyond the common plastic hanger and the wire hanger because today’s market has an ergonomically designed hanger for clothes. There are different kinds to choose from even among the major varieties available, like; plastic hangers, wooden hangers, suit hangers, multi-tiered hangers, nonslip hangers, padded hangers, etc. Choosing the right hanger will keep your clothes in the best form. The wrong hanger will cause creases in your ironed clothes and ruin that expensive dress or suit.

Homesmiths offers different closet hanger options from the best brands, best designs, and the best quality materials. Revamp your hanger collection by exploring the choices at our store today!


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  1. Honey Can Do 8 Pack Shirt Mate
    82% OFF

    Honey Can Do 8 Pack Shirt Mate

    AED 17.00 AED 3.00
  2. Homesmiths Clothes Hangers for Children Wood
    89% OFF
  3. Inter design Classico 8 Loop Scarf Holder Chrome
    50% OFF
  4. Jokari Legging Hanger

    Jokari Legging Hanger

    AED 39.00
  5. Wenko Hanger Cubido Red
    92% OFF

    Wenko Hanger Cubido Red

    AED 12.00 AED 1.00
  6. Wenko Hanger Cubido Blue
    83% OFF

    Wenko Hanger Cubido Blue

    AED 6.00 AED 1.00
  7. Wenko Hanger Bubble Red
    71% OFF

    Wenko Hanger Bubble Red

    AED 3.50 AED 1.00
  8. Wenko Hanger Bubble Purple
    71% OFF

    Wenko Hanger Bubble Purple

    AED 3.50 AED 1.00
  9. Wenko Plastic Clothes Hanger Bubble Green
    71% OFF
  10. Wenko Nickle Plated Clothes Hanger Copper
    78% OFF
  11. Whitmor Chrome & Foam Shirt or Blouse Hanger
    84% OFF
  12. Travelon Set Of 2 Inflatable Hangers
    74% OFF

    Travelon Set Of 2 Inflatable Hangers

    AED 35.00 AED 9.00
  13. Evriholder Hang And Store Organizer
    50% OFF

    Evriholder Hang And Store Organizer

    AED 27.00 AED 13.50
  14. Wenko Accessorie Hanger Universal Non-Slip
    57% OFF
  15. Wenko Plastic Door Clothes Rack White
    30% OFF

    Wenko Plastic Door Clothes Rack White

    AED 25.00 AED 17.50
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Choosing a hanger for clothes is beyond the cheap plastic hangers or the wire hangers that bend and warp over time. Your clothes can be kept in perfect shape and neatly separated if you choose the right kind of a closet organizer. Choosing the type of closet hangers depends on one’s know-how about what type of hangers should fit particular clothes. If you’re tired of the worn-out plastic hangers at your home and cannot imagine the variety in which hangers are available today, then you should look up the stunning range of hangers at Homesmiths.  

What Kind of Hangers Should You Choose?

Plastic Hangers:

These are the commonly available hangers and are often cost-effective. However, even plastic hangers come in different kinds to choose from. Some have a strong, tubular structure perfect for T-shirts and polo shirts. Sturdy plastic hangers of good quality can be used for hanging different kinds of clothes, from daily wear casuals to ethnic wear. Plastic hangers come with clips, hooks, and notches for hanging strappy clothes, pants, and scarves (along with other clothes). It’s best to invest in good-quality plastic hangers that are durable and sturdy because cheap ones don’t last long and will not keep your clothes tidy.

Wooden Hangers:

These add an element of charm to your closet while functioning as sturdy hangers. They are also available in different kinds. The thick, curved wooden hangers are great for hanging heavy clothes like suits, jackets, leather clothes, sweaters, etc. Wooden hangers for skirts and trousers can come with clamps. Notches are included in some hangers for clothing straps.  

Stainless Steel Hangers:

Choosing stainless steel hangers as a clothes hanger organizer is an eco-friendly and long-lasting option. They are sturdy, rust-proof, and can be used for everyday wear. They take up less space. The metallic or chrome finish of the hangers adds elegance to the closet.

Padded Hangers:

These hangers are exclusive for storing heavy suits, costumes, occasional wears, dresses, and the likes. They are extremely well-built and sturdy with foam or chrome finish.

Multi-tiered hangers:

These hangers increase the storage capacity of the closet. They are often made from a mix of materials like wood, stainless steel, and plastic. The tiers have clips or clamps for securing the clothes in place.

These are the generic categories of clothes hangers, and you’ll definitely find a hanger for your wardrobe designed with innovation for a specific purpose. Homesmiths covers any closet hanger organizer you’d be looking for, so indulge in our wonderful range!