Think again if you thought storage baskets couldn’t serve as décor items! Homesmiths takes its job of beautifying your home while making it more functional quite seriously! Gratify yourself from an exquisite range of decorative baskets and bins for adding style to storage. Woven and braided crafted baskets, storage boxesrattan baskets, wired baskets, totes, wooden organizer boxes, storage with liners, etc., are some of the fabulous options you’ll get to pick from while on your journey to shop for decorative storage. Store and flaunt your robes, luxurious towels, embroidered fabrics, jewelry and ornaments in these decorative storage options. An earthy touch or a vintage look; select what complements your interior style the best!

Rattan Storage Baskets

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  1. Whitmor Rattique Small Storage Tote
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    Whitmor Rattique Small Storage Tote

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  2. Whitmor Small Tote 11.5 x 9.5 x 7.5 inch
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  3. Whitmor Small Shelf Tote 11.5 x 6.625 x 4.5 inch
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Decorative storage baskets add a subtle yet impactful touch to your indoor furnishing and décor. Using them fashionably in a modest setup can level up the glam quotient of your indoors! Homesmiths brings you a beautiful and intricately designed range of decorative baskets and bins that are too tempting to ignore! If you want to liven up your indoor décor without complete remodeling, using such storage options can serve the cross-functionality of storing items and flamboyant decor.

Versatile Materials to Choose

You’ll find abundant options among versatile materials. Choose from rattan weave baskets from eco-friendly fibers like seagrass, hyacinth, and cotton fibers. For a fusion look between rustic and modernity, choose totes with canvas and wire sides, vintage-looking steel baskets, totes with liners, wooden storage, large woven hampers with lid and liners, crafted boxes with lids, wired baskets, and more. 

Functionality in All Sizes

The decorative storage comes in all sizes apart from its versatility in materials. Use a large-sized rattan weave natural fiber hamper for laundry, which looks much better than regular laundry baskets and adds to the room’s appeal. Replace plastic containers with braided storage baskets with liners and lids for storing utensils, cosmetics, grooming products, jewelry, and other sundries. A storage tote made from wire mesh or stainless-steel wires can stand out among other neutral finish storage and organizers when you want to add contrast. A rustic woven storage box kept on a coffee table or fridge top will not only help you store sundries but also make the inconspicuous corner a center of attraction. 

Handles or Lids… Choose Your Style!

The decorative baskets and bins come in different closures and tote versions. Choose an open hamper to display luxurious robes, towels, satins and intricate embroidery. Choose lid and tote options with cut-in or attached handles to keep laundry in beautiful storage and easy transportation. Small ornamental storage baskets come in handy for storing jewelry and look beautiful as jewelry storage. It’s up to you what suits your taste and needs, Open, Handles, or Lids… Choose Your Style! while Homesmiths has a supply for every demand!  

Beauty in Natural Colors and Neutral Accent

The hand weave decorative baskets sport neutral colors because they already look extravagant with their inherent texture. You’ll find them in browns, sands, grays, whites and other neutral tones. The wired metallic storage and decorative totes also display an ornamental look with muted shades. This is an aesthetic of decorative storage. 

With immaculate-looking rattan baskets, decorative storage and bins, you’ll find that owning even a single piece from the collection is worth its value. Indulge in the exquisite collection and pick up your favorite decorative storage from Homesmiths.