Need an aesthetic while using baskets for storage? Think again if you thought storage baskets couldn’t serve as décor items! Homesmiths takes its job of beautifying your home while making it more functional quite seriously! Gratify yourself with an exquisite range of decorative baskets and bins for adding style to storage. Woven and braided crafted baskets, storage boxes, rattan baskets, wired baskets, totes, wooden organizer boxes, storage with liners, etc., are some of the fabulous options you’ll get to pick from while on your journey to shop for decorative storage. Store and flaunt your robes, luxurious towels, embroidered fabrics, jewelry, and ornaments in these decorative storage options. An earthy touch or a vintage look; select what complements your interior style the best!

Rattan Storage Baskets

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  1. Whitmor Rattique Small Storage Tote
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    Whitmor Rattique Small Storage Tote

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  2. Whitmor Small Tote 11.5 x 9.5 x 7.5 inch
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  3. Whitmor Small Shelf Tote 11.5 x 6.625 x 4.5 inch
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Pick up storage baskets while selecting from both style and eco-friendly options at Homesmiths. Choose from a tempting range of storage made from durable, eco-friendly, and beautiful materials like a seagrass basket or a water hyacinth basket. These beautiful storage options have been laid out by Homesmiths for the conscious dwellers who want their homes to become beautiful places while choosing environmentally sustainable options.

Decorative storage baskets and organizers to look for at Homesmiths:

The decorative baskets, rattan trays, and bins come in different closures and tote versions. Choose an open hamper to display luxurious robes, towels, satins, and intricate embroidery. Choose lid and tote options with cut-in or attached handles to keep laundry in beautiful storage and easy transportation. Small ornamental storage baskets come in handy for storing jewelry and look beautiful as jewelry storage. It’s up to you what suits your taste and needs, Open, Handles, or Lids… Choose Your Style! while Homesmiths has a supply for every demand!  

A love for neutral colors:

If you love earthy tones, and neutral accents in Nature’s shades then these decorative storage baskets with woven texture would be an absolute delight. Define your room’s theme with these wonderful options and set up contrasts and accents.

What are the best uses of a small basket?

Small baskets are actually great storage options. They help you to store small items like nail clippers, safety pins, toiletries, medicines, hair clips, and other small stuff that are easily lost around the house. Hand-woven ones like rattan weaves look beautiful without cluttering the space.

How to use a basket organizer for clothes?

basket organizer can keep your clothes tidy if you just don’t bundle them away inside it. Keep your clothes folded and stack them according to the basket’s capacity. It’s best to form small stacks to keep them manageable and well organized. Also, opt for cloth liners so that the stored clothes do not get snagged or ripped. 

Is a bamboo organizer tray non-toxic?

Yes. And bamboo wood is totally non-toxic, eco-friendly, sustainable, and poses no health hazards. It is absolutely safe and is naturally derived. You can keep them at your home while adding earthy elements due to the woody texture.

Is a seagrass basket sustainable?

Seagrass baskets are sustainable, eco-friendly, and free from any chemical derivative. They have high durability, strength, and weight-holding capacity. These baskets sourced from natural fibers are great for adding an aesthetic appeal while looking great in your house.

At Homesmiths, we have a wide range of storage baskets to augment your storage and organization game. Explore now!