A well-organized kitchen is a dream for all homeowners. Improvement of kitchen storage space is not just limited to adding modular sets but also investing in high-quality jars and boxes, trays, holders, a fridge organizer, and racks to make your kitchen look organized, and neat all the time. A clutter-free and well-maintained kitchen is not just a dream to work in but also saves time when you have to cook up a storm for the guests that have arrived unannounced. Here at Homesmiths, we have a wide assortment of kitchen storage equipment, ranging from jars, boxes, canisters, storage containers, shelves, stashers, clear bins, and organizers made using high-quality, long-lasting, and trendy-looking material. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website and bring home the best kitchen storage solutions!

Kitchen Storage

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  1. Spectrum Scoop Small Stacking Basket
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    Spectrum Scoop Small Stacking Basket

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  2. Keyway Organize Storage Box Extra Large Clear
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  3. Keyway Organize Storage Box Medium Clear
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  4. Keyway Organize Storage Box Small Clear
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    Keyway Organize Storage Box Small Clear

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  5. Artisan Street Utensils Holding Jar
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    Artisan Street Utensils Holding Jar

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  6. Fissman 5.7 Liter Beverage Dispenser With Stand
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  7. Hokan-sho Plastic Under Sink Box Medium White
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At Homesmiths, we know just how important it is to keep your kitchen well-organized and arranged. That’s why we have a range of solutions that are directed at helping you achieve a clutter-free and neat kitchen.

Here are some of the essentials to organize the kitchen

Who doesn’t hate a cluttered fridge? With the help of fridge organizers, you can transform the fridge into a tidy and compartmentalized storage for edibles so that you do not have to tumble across expired and rancid food while looking for your favorite snacks.

It’s easier to pile things up on the countertop but that soon becomes messy and tiny kitchen equipment such as lids, lighter and cutlery can easily get lost in that pile. To avoid this, designate deep drawers for different types of equipment. For example, you can have a separate cabinet or a drawer to store just ladles, spatulas, and spoons. Bulk pots and cookware can have separate storage areas for easy access when required.

  • Separate storage for grains and cereals

We usually tend to purchase some items such as grains, pulses, and cereals in bulk to save on expenses but that tends to lead to another challenge of their efficient storage. This can be dealt with by having airtight boxes, canisters, and cans just for grain storage. This ensures the contents last longer, while also keeping your kitchen clutter and mess free.

What are the three different types of kitchen storage?

In every kitchen, three zones require proper storage. Those are as follows: the sink or basin area, the refrigerator, and the range. Since the fridge is the most used equipment in the kitchen, effective storage in that zone becomes imperative.

How can I improve the kitchen storage?

  1. Use clear boxes for storage.
  2. Have hooks installed to hang pans and ladles.
  3. Have a separate drawer or cabinet for small kitchen equipment.
  4. Put windowsill to use by keeping stuff that won’t get ruined upon sun or moisture exposure.

What is the best way to efficiently organize kitchen storage in cabinets?

  1. Keep similar items together. For example, knives go with knives, spoons with spoons, and so on.
  2. Placing heavier kitchen equipment on bottom shelves and lighter ones on top shelves.
  3. Have vertical storage spaces for holding canisters and bottles.
  4. Cabinet dividers provide extreme relief when it comes to separating cutlery.

What are some kitchen storage errors to be avoided at all costs?

  1. Never keep meat on the top shelf of the fridge.
  2. Use lids to properly cover the boxes and canisters to avoid the food from going rancid and bad.
  3. Do not store leftovers for too long. It is recommended to have a look in the fridge once every week and get rid of the leftovers that have gone bad.
  4. Never store strong-smelling vegetables such as garlic, onions, and chilies next to fruits. Have a separate storage space for fruits and veggies.

Want a Pinterest-inspired kitchen that’s neat, well-maintained, and scores high on aesthetic and functionality? Well, you’re at the right place! At Homesmiths, we’ve got a wide range of kitchen storage and organization solutions, right from bins, trays, and canisters, to fridge organizers, that can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.