Water dispensers are your way to go for easy access to purified, safe, and clean drinking water for your family. A sturdy, ergonomic dispenser ensures you and your family get hassle-free water access! The dispensers can hold a large volume of water or beverage at a time, cutting down the mess of having bottles lying around the home. Get clean, purified water from the dispenser at home or during social gatherings, so no one goes thirsty! Choose from metallic stands, dispensers with stands and taps, bottle-pump portable dispensers, taps, and more at Homesmiths. Homesmiths has a range of stylish and functional water dispensers for you to choose from.

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Looking for a water dispenser for your home? Having a dispenser is a healthy and safe drinking option for your family. Drinking from the tap is passé, especially when tap water can contain contaminants. All you need is a sturdy, durable dispenser for hassle-free access to purified water! Homesmiths will make you spoilt for choice with its range of versatile dispensers, and dispenser stands. 

We feature all kinds of dispensers to meet individual requirements and all of our products are quality tested for enhanced performance and maximum service life. So, if it’s a water dispenser you want, you don’t need to look any further than Homesmiths!

Keeps Clutter at Bay!

A beverage dispenser is an essential item that allows you to hold purified water and makes it available for instant use whenever required. It removes the hassle of buying a ton of water bottles for storing and keeping water for use at will. It’s time to remove the clutter by eliminating the need to refill water bottles all the time.

Water Dispensers are Great for Parties and Get-Togethers at Home

A beverage dispenser is an absolute must for big gatherings where access to huge volumes of water is required and it’s not practical to keep an army of bottles filled up and ready for guests at all times. This is where these self-dispensing systems come in handy and offer a ready solution to dispense not only water but juices and all other kinds of beverages. It’s a multi-dimensional tool that should be a part of every house party or get-together you host.

Can Keep You Well-Hydrated

Since they are so easy to use, even kids can use them unsupervised to quench their thirst. They are super easy to operate and eliminate the need of having to keep a constant flow of filled water bottles to keep people hydrated. Moreover, if you have old people at home, it makes it much easier for them to dispense water using a dispenser rather than having to wait for someone to help them with a glass or bottle of water.

Saves Time and Money

If you choose to buy one of our readily available electric water dispensers, then you won’t need to go through the hassle of having to boil water to make it safe for drinking purposes. Moreover, an electric dispenser can also help you prepare instant tea or coffee so that you are up and ready to start your day in a jiffy. Save both time and money with our top-of-the-line dispensers as you won’t need to spend a penny on getting new bottles for storing water. Just pour some whenever you want.

They are Big on Style Statement

Accentuate your dispensers with stylish stands, ergonomic taps, auto-lock dispensers, and other accessories such as metal stands, portable dispensers with spouts, water bottle pumps, hot/cold/normal 3-tap electric coolers, rechargeable water pumps, electric water dispensers, and more to make it stand out from the ordinary!

What is the primary purpose of a water dispenser?

They provide a steady flow of drinking water including cold, moderate, and hot water without the need for storing water in bottles making it a convenient option for providing clean drinking water for homes and offices.

How long can water remain fresh in a water dispenser?

Once you open the bottle for use on the cooler, you can keep it sitting there for 30 days. The dispenser is designed to prevent the water from coming in contact with air unless the tap is opened which keeps them fresh for longer.

Can water dispensers work without electricity?

Yes, you can use it without electricity, but the cooling and heating functionality won’t be available unless the electricity is switched back on. Also, it’s a good practice to cut off the electricity supply when the dispenser is not in use to preserve power.

How often should you clean the water dispenser?

To prevent germs from building up, it’s advisable to clean the dispensers every time you change the bottle. This will prevent any microbes from getting into the water and keep the dispenser clear of any bacteria or viruses from building up.

Homesmiths will offer you the best beverage dispenser you are searching for. Explore our range of ergonomic dispensers, taps, and stands from the best brands for a hassle-free purchase.