Laundry Organizers

Doing laundry is something most of us don’t look forward to. Separating clothes according to washing, drying, ironing, and folding; seems like a chunk of your precious weekend getting ebbed away while doing laundry… How about changing this notion by getting a laundry organizer or revamping your laundry supplies to get a flawless-looking and top-notch organized laundry room? Your dream of getting that picturesque laundry room you see on blogs and stock images can’t be far from reality when you explore Homesmiths' unparalleled stock of beautiful laundry accessories and supplies. So go ahead and brighten up the laundry space with special picks for revamping your otherwise boring corner!

Laundry Organizers

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  1. Homesmiths Round Water Hyacinth Laundry Hamper Dia-44 x 62 cm
    20% OFF
  2. Medium Sized Ironing Board by Vileda

    Vileda Ironing Board Star Medium

    AED 209.00
  3. Whitmor Mesh Wash Bag

    Whitmor Mesh Wash Bag

    AED 19.00
  4. Wenko Quick-Iron Stick 50g

    Wenko Quick-Iron Stick 50g

    AED 25.00
  5. Evriholder Lint Brush

    Evriholder Lint Brush

    AED 29.00
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97 Items Found

Your laundry room need not be bland and boring as doing laundry itself. You might be lacking a much-needed laundry room makeover with a laundry organizer and the supplies that will spruce up the mood in the mundane space. There are more than one ways you’d imagine doing this. You’d see how functional yet attractive your laundry room can become! It doesn’t matter if you have a corner or a room dedicated to laundry. You can surely make it into a lively space with beautiful accessories Homesmiths has to offer.  

Some Ideas for Enlivening Your Laundry Space

It All Begins with Baskets and Hampers:

Do you really need a boring plastic laundry hamper that you’ve been using for more than a decade, and it has got chipped at the edges, and the color looks washed out? Go for attractive, well-designed, cute, and eco-friendly laundry hampersthat are spacious and look amazing from the outside. Water hyacinth hampers look beautiful with hand-woven textures and are available in different styles and sizes. Other non-plastic options include linen, paper, and bamboo hampers with lining that allows clothes to breathe. You can also try collapsible hampers that can be stored away from sight right after use. While choosing plastic baskets, make sure you opt for durable and well-ventilated ones. Some come with wheels so you can easily transport them.

Choose Style and Function with Liners and Racks:

Drying racksand liners need not be sticking out in the view. Try foldable drying racks that can hang dozens of clothes at a time. These can be folded and kept away after use. Indoor driers with wheels are also great when you run out of space for drying. If you have trouble reaching fixed cloth lines, use a cloth hook or get adjustable liners.

Iron with Style:

Use iron boardcovers to protect the iron board surface. You’ll get cute patterns, designer styles, and many colors to go with your choice. Some covers come with matching iron pads to complement style along with being functional.

Laundry Accessories:

We are looking for cross-functional things. Things providing a chic quotient while making laundry uncomplicated. Do you keep losing clothes pins? Get a chic-looking storage basket or a bag for them. If you want to wash several items together without some of them getting tangled, use mesh wash bags designed for this purpose, like washing delicate clothes that can snag. They are available as separate bags or with sections for separation. If you’re tired of finger-picking hair, fuzz, and lint from your clothes, use lint removers to get this done quickly.

The bottom line is laundry cannot get boring if you want to use laundry supplies along with an organizer to make your task quick and give a facelift to your laundry space. Homesmiths’ accessories collection for laundry is hard to beat when choosing the most economical, useful, and stylish ones in the market.