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Doing the laundry involves a lot of consideration as you have clothes of different fabrics, dyes, fibers, and quality. It’d have been great to have an all-in-one laundry detergent. Today, many are available that are suited for almost all fabrics, but there are other varieties like fabric conditioners and fresheners. Make your laundry washing an easy breeze with Homesmiths’ collection of cleaning products from leading brands and uncompromised quality. Washing clothes doesn’t stop at using detergents, but with accessories and supplies that make the process easier. For instance, mesh laundry bags can help you to protect delicate clothes from tear and snag while putting them in the washing machine. Make sure you make the best out of your laundry cleaning supplies!

Laundry Cleaning Products & Bags

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  1. Whitmor Mesh Wash Bag

    Whitmor Mesh Wash Bag

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  2. Homesmiths Mesh Laundry Bag Set of 5 Pieces
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  3. Wenko Washing Net

    Wenko Washing Net

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Looking for the perfect laundry detergent but not too sure which one to choose? Homesmiths has an array of cleaning products for laundry and accessories to redefine your laundry experience. Not just the best detergents, but things that make doing laundry easy-peasy, like meshed laundry bags, fabric conditioners, fabric color preservers, washing machine cleaners, fabric fresheners, etc. So, in your journey for the best laundry cleaning pick, look no further because you’ll get everything covered here at Homesmiths.

Choosing the Right Detergent:

Chemical Detergents can be harsh on the skin and wear out clothes over time. They can contain hazardous chemicals that sabotage the environment and aquatic life. Use a gentle, eco-friendly cleanserthat treats your clothes and the environment in the right manner. Nowadays, many such options are available as environmental concerns are on the rise. You’d find a variety of this kind to choose from at Homesmiths.

Cleaning the Washing Machine Itself:

The machine that cleans your clothes spotlessly and with a freshness also gets dirty over time! Washing machine cleaners are distinctive laundry cleaning products available as liquids, pellets, and other forms that would remove all the accumulated dirt, grime, limescale, soap scums, and odor. This ensures you have a clean tumbler to wash your clothes.

Protect with mesh wash bags:

Afraid of washing delicate clothes, strappy garments, socks, undergarments, and the likes in the washing machine because they might get damaged? You have mesh wash bags to your rescue! Mesh wash bags secure the clothing item in a perforated bag that allows enough water exchange for cleaning while protecting the cloth. They come in separate bags with assorted zippers, large-sized bags for large items like blankets, sectioned bags for putting more than one item together, etc. Choose what suits you and make laundry washing easier.

More than detergent:

You need to make sure you use items like fabric conditioners, fresheners, and whiteners to retain the quality of clothes. Some clothes bleed colors, so use a detergent that is meant for such fabrics. Fabric conditioners increase the longevity of clothes. For non-bleach fans, we recommend using bleach-free whiteners to keep your white linen sparkling white. Use laundry boosters like borax for cleaning tough stains or products that serve a similar purpose. 

Be it organizers or mesh laundry bags, you can get all that and more at Homesmiths. Our products are carefully selected among the best brands and quality to ensure you have an uncompromised experience in using them.