Maintenance of metal and stoneware is not an easy job. Both metal and stone wear out and lose their luster after some time of exposure. Metal tends to lose shine and accumulate rust over time unless properly cared for. Homesmiths’ range of metal polish and metal cleaners can help you keep things sparkling clean and shining like new. Our lineup of metal and stone care products features top brands to keep metal surfaces free of scratches and rust to give your home the look that it deserves. We have the best range of stainless steel cleaners, marble cleaners, granite cleaners, polishes, and wipes that you won’t find anywhere else.

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It’s really hard to pull off a clean piece of metal or stone for a long time without it collecting scratches or dull patches. And for that extra care and effort, you need to put in, your job is halfway done and made easy-peasy with Homesmiths metal cleaners and stoneware cleaners.

Exploring Homesmiths' range of metal and stone cleaners:

Pewter Wash: Keep your pewter pieces shining like new with our pewter washes that keep them free of any smudgy layers from oxidation. 

Stainless Steel Cleaners: Perfect for keeping all stainless-steel appliances free of grease, smudges, and fingerprints that reduce their shine. 

Granite Cleaners: Granite and stone surfaces easily get hard water stains that are difficult to remove. Our granite cleaners ensure proper cleaning.

Silver Cleaning Wipes: Keeps your silver pieces clean and protected and shining like new.

Brass Cleaners: Suitable for brass and copper. The unique heavy-duty formula is highly effective for cleaning tough dirt buildup.

Chandelier Cleaner: Try one of our spray-based chandelier cleaners with a special formulation that easily dissolves dirt.

Should I buy a grill cleaner for barbecue grills?

Barbecue grills are fun to prepare your favorite barbecue on weekends but the cleanup is quite challenging. Grease, oil, burnt food particles, and ashes can harm your grill if you don’t it cleaned thoroughly and completely. Grill cleaners are formulated to tackle heavy and oily messes sticking to the metal parts and they do the best job of maintaining your barbecue grill.  

Is using a copper brass cleaner better than using DIY methods?

There are many DIY methods for cleaning metallic and alloy items that could be potentially harmful and damage your things instead of cleaning them. It is always better to choose a cleaner specifically formulated for alloy metals like brass or copper. Brass and copper get coated and decolorized which can be easily cleaned by these cleaners.

Will a stainless steel cleaner and polish prevent rusting?

Stainless steel itself is an alloy metal that doesn’t rust. If you bought something thinking it was stainless steel and it shows signs of rusting then it’s definitely not stainless steel. A stainless steel cleaner and polish helps to maintain your stainless steel utensils and items’ natural shine and increase their life. 

Why use granite cleaner?

Granite countertops look amazing but they can be difficult to maintain. A granite cleaner makes the job really easy and makes your granite look clean with no scratches. Choose a granite and stone cleaner that helps you to maintain the surface and protects the sealant over the stone top. 

Does a chandelier cleaner make it easy to clean chandeliers?

As gorgeous as chandeliers are, cleaning them is a hefty task. While dusting brushes can give an initial cleanup, deeply lodged dust and sticky dirt can be hard to remove. Chandelier cleaners are effective in carrying out a thorough cleanup while protecting the chandelier as they have too many pieces and are pretty delicate. For a glistening chandelier, you can definitely opt for a chandelier cleaner.   

Looking for specialized cleaners? Look no further! From cleaning solutions for your chandelier to metal cleaners, we’ve got it all at Homesmiths!