Your home office desk or hobby corner can get messy quickly! Stationery items are odd items that you can lose even when they are staring right at you. That’s why an office organizer is so very important to keep those teeny-tiny items in their right places. Homesmiths gives you innovative stationery and hobby item storage options with multipurpose caddy, drawer organizers, bins, trays, boxes, stackable storage boxes, carry storage, divider bins, lid bins, stands, holders, and more! Translate your Pinterest favorite office supplies organization ideas into reality with Homesmiths’ elaborate and irresistible collection of desk organizers and office supplies. Getting your most adored desk accessories for the office was never this easy!

Office Organizers & Desk Organizers

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  1. Keyway Desktop Organizer With Lid TLR301
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  2. Keyway Desktop Organizer With Lid
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    Keyway Desktop Organizer With Lid

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  3. ArtBin Mini Sidekick

    ArtBin Mini Sidekick

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  4. Spectrum Small Magnetic Round Hook
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    Spectrum Small Magnetic Round Hook

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  5. Spectrum Large Magnetic Round Hook
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    Spectrum Large Magnetic Round Hook

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An office desk organizer not just keeps your workplace tidy but can be pretty fun and add personality to your desktop. You may just need a desk tray as your desk organizer if you are a minimalist when it comes to office supplies. Or, you might be eyeing a 10 drawer rolling cart as an addition to your existing organizer and storage, if you’re a stationery hoarder. Whatever your needs are, Homesmiths makes sure that you get all of them met with the best brands and the best designs available!

How to choose and use office organizers from Homesmiths?

No longer will you suffer the agony of tangled tapes, wires, and knick-knacks when you just keep them tidy and separate! Use multifunctional caddies from Homesmiths for storing pens, pencils, tapes, ribbon rolls, markers, crayons, scissors, paper blades, pins, paper clips, and miscellaneous. Choose from open sectioned caddies, divided trays with lids, drawer organizers, utility boxes, stack and carry caddy, segregated holders, compartmentalized boxes, etc., to keep several items assorted and organized at the same time. Use small, sectioned containers to avoid mix-ups among items like batteries, pins, clips, stickers, torches, etc.

Set up your theme!

Do you like all your stationery to be in clear view while being stored? Then go for acrylic trays, caddies, and stackable storage that allows you to see what you’ve stored where and help you to access them in no time. If you like a minimalist look with a wooden or ceramic finish with solid colors, you can find different organizers with the same feel. Stationery storage and organizers can be fun and quirky with cute props and colors, and if you want your workstation to look a bit amusing, make sure you make choices where you can flaunt funny-looking office organizers.  

Can I use drawer tower storage for stationery?

Absolutely yes! If you’re a hobbyist, artist, or maybe, simply a stationery lover or hoarder, a drawer tower is perfect for preventing your humongous collection of stationery from getting all mixed up. You can easily segregate items by type and store them in each drawer. It’s great for storing colors, markers, and art supplies.

What desk organizer should I choose for my office desk?

Depends on how cluttered your desk is. If you’re juggling with too many memo pads, printing sheets, staplers, pens, markers, and whatnot, it’s best to get a multipurpose one or at least a caddy with lots of slots or tiers. If you have too much stuff, bunching them up in a single place on a tray or a holder, might not be a good idea. You can, however, opt for a tray or holder if you just have a few pens and nothing much to organize.

Are stackable storage boxes better than drawers?

Stackable storage boxes and drawers can both be of varying sizes. You can have both of them for your desktop or storage away from the desk. Both are effectively functional and practical. While stackable boxes can be taken apart and customized, the same may not be possible for drawers, especially if they are big.

Which is the best office organizer for a cluttered desktop?

Always start with a few items if you’re organizing for the first time. Segregate the items, and decide what kind of organizer you need. Do you need a tray or a compartmental caddy? Or maybe, just a pen holder would suffice. Start with a few organizers and build up as you need more.

Revamp your office space by investing in the right storage and organization solutions. Find it all at Homesmiths!