If you have ever changed homes, you may already know the incredible role packaging boxes play in the seamless shifting from one home to another. They are durable and flexible enough for securing all your belongings so that everything from your clothes, books, utensils, and other essentials can be moved without any risk of damage during transition. On the other hand, packaging materials such as bubble wraps, rug storage bags, and crystal protection kits keep your expensive items such as television sets, glassware, and other delicate stuff fully secure. So, if you are moving out to a new home, or just want to pack some of your stuff for safekeeping in the storeroom, explore Homesmiths packaging solutions catalog right away!

Packing Boxes & Materials

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Carton boxes are such useful items whether you’re moving base or need to store something in the attic. Packaging cartons are manufactured for sturdiness, manufactured from multilayered corrugated cardboard. If you need to pick up your stock for cartons, boxes, and packing materials, Homesmiths has the best of stocks all ready for you!

Selection of premium quality packaging cartons and materials:

Choose from a variety of tough, well-built, quality cartons from Homesmiths that serve its claim of being the best in the market! Explore different dimensions according to your requirements—standard shipping parcels, cubes, extra large, and more. Pick up your packaging materials to provide optimal cushioning and support to delicate items like glassware, antique items, crockery, etc. You’re assured of premium quality packing material at Homesmiths which provides extra support to your valued contents. So go ahead and choose the best parcel and packing materials you need.

Should I choose boxes or cartons for packing?

In general, cartons refer to thin paper carton packaging of products like cereal boxes, milk cartons, and similar. In this case, they are less sturdy than boxes, which are of stronger construction. However, when we talk about cartons for packaging and shifting, they are the same as boxes used for similar purposes. Check for the capacity and weight limit while selecting a carton or box.

Can I use carton boxes for storage?

Yes. Carton boxes can be used for storage. They are light and easy to carry, however, they are best for indoor use. Care should be taken for protection against water and pests. Tough packaging cartons can last for quite some time and are used in the attic, basement, or store room to keep things that are used only seasonally.

Which are the best packaging materials for use?

Bubble wrap, paper shreds, and heavy-duty sealing tape are the most popular and commonly used packaging materials. You can find more specific packing materials for added safety and protection like sectioned cartons to hold glassware, rolling paper, and wraps for an extra wrap of protection.

How many packaging boxes do I need for shifting?

The number of boxes you need is proportional to the number of items you own. If you are using a packers and movers service, they should be able to guide you on the dimensions of boxes and the number of boxes you need. Otherwise, make a list of all the items, categorize them under different labels, and make an estimate on how many boxes you need and what would be the right size.

Planning a move? Get all the boxes and packing materials you need only at Homesmiths!