If you home tutor or work at a school or kindergarten, you’ll know writing boards are an essential piece of focus in the classroom. Homesmiths’ online shop showcases supplies, accessories, and writing boards to make your task interesting and enjoyable! Use a whiteboard planner if memory isn’t your strongest skill. Get white board accessories from Homesmiths like markers, reusable markers, dusters, tacks, labels, silhouette message boards, sticky notes, marker sets in assorted colors, and more! If you don’t like permanent boards, use portable decals and magnetic boards with a stick-on duster, markers and chalks so that you don’t lose them and can carry the decal board anywhere you want to! Explore Homesmiths’ collection of boards and accessories to fill up the missing items in your stationery collection!

Whiteboard Planner Boards and Accessories

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  1. Dial Utility Tray Clear
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    Dial Utility Tray Clear

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  2. Dial Utility Tray Black
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    Dial Utility Tray Black

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  3. Spectrum Ashley Wall Mount Rack
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    Spectrum Ashley Wall Mount Rack

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  4. Securit Liquid Chalkmarker White 2-6mm Nib
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whiteboard planner is one of the enticing stationeries for office supplies or a stationery collector. You can plan your days and mark important days and reminders. They work similarly to bulletin boards with pinned-up messages or sticky notes, but the planners have a more personalized appeal. At Homesmiths, you’ll get designs ranging from quirky to dainty looks. Also, you get to select from planners and accessories that make planning and putting up messages a fun activity! 

Useful Planners Designed for Practicality

Forget one-time-use planners with a collection of reusable planners at Homesmiths. The planners come with erasable markers and smooth writing surfaces that enable you to jot down your week or schedule ahead. You’ll also get multicolor options to highlight different activities according to the agenda. Choose from metallic planner boards, wooden frames, decals, magnetic mounts, stick-on mounts, etc. From dreamy whimsical frame patterns to classic wooden block frames, you’ll have a multitude of creative options to choose from. 

Portable Boards

Tired of permanent writing boards for your class? Then portable boards at Homesmiths would interest you. Use magnetic writing boards and decals to write down, instruct, and present during classes or office meetings. Some magnetic boards also have a stick-on duster, marker, and chalks, so you’ll never get those easily lost items out of sight again. They are lightweight and easy to carry around after the job gets done. You can find planners like a magnetic planner board which functions in a similar manner. Also, you don’t have to drill the wall and put-up nails and undergo the stress of fixing a permanent board.


You’ll find many planning and writing board accessories at Homesmiths that will make your work easy and quick. Choose from whiteboard markers, reusable and erasable markers, dusters, assorted sticky notes in attractive shapes and designs, wall mount racks for stationery, hook sets, over-the-door hooks, messaging board silhouettes, tacks, etc. Get a complete whiteboard station setup with this whole range of accessories and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

If you’re looking for convenient teaching boards or need a whiteboard for your office, you’ll now know where to get the best ones! You’ll also get creative options among the knick-knacks of office supplies for reminders like sticky notes, labels, tacks and message boards. At Homesmiths, buy planners, whiteboards, magnetic boards and planners, white board accessories at the best prices by leading brands.