Homesmiths’ online shop showcases supplies, accessories, and writing boards to make your task interesting and enjoyable! Use a whiteboard planner if memory isn’t your strongest skill. Get whiteboard accessories from Homesmiths like markers, reusable markers, dusters, tacks, labels, silhouette message boards, sticky notes, marker sets in assorted colors, and more! If you don’t like permanent boards, use portable decals and magnetic boards with a stick-on duster, markers, and chalks so that you don’t lose them and can carry the decal board anywhere you want to! Explore Homesmiths’ collection of boards and accessories and stock up on all the stuff you need as a part of your office supplies and stationeries.

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Whether it’s online or at the workplace, a planner board always helps out when a discussion is on at a meeting. Homesmiths’ stock of office supplies and presentation accessories can get you all covered up! Stock up on the necessities and have everything you need right at your disposal. 

What to look for in Homesmiths’ collection:

Having difficulty planning out your weeks or the month? Use erasable planners, magnetic planner boards, and more options at Homesmiths that makes planning an easy job. Reusable boards also mean you can use the same boards for planning without having to get a new one. Checklists and an assortment of markers are definitely up your alley if you are a stationery enthusiast and Homesmiths’ collection is sure to keep your attention grabbed. Look out for cool stands, wall mounts, utility holders, and more for keeping your collection of office supplies organized and neat. 

What is the difference between chalk and a white chalk marker? 

The similarity is both are used for writing or marking, but the difference lies in the surfaces that are used. Chalks are used on chalkboards and have a chalky texture. A white chalk marker has a liquid ink in white color and can be used on multiple surfaces like wood, fabric, leather, glass, and plastic. They can be permanent and used for decorations and craft projects. 

How to choose a planner board?

Planner boards are available in different formats. The most popular is the weekly planner which gives you an oversight of the week’s plan. You can have a planner that’s already divided according to weeks and months and even hours. Or you can choose a blank planner with just rows and columns to put in your preferred unit of time, be it days, weeks, or hours. 

What’s the advantage of a white planner board?

white planner board offers visibility even from a distance. This is why traditional black and white planner boards are still in trend because of their practicality. It is also useful for marking it up with colorful labels or markers as the contrast is high against the white. 

How to organize stationery when there’s limited space?

You can try wall mounts and hanging racks for putting up different items without them just lying around here and there. You can store papers, folders, files, envelopes, keys, markers, and others with such hanging stand, and they also remain within your reach. 

Looking for quality office supplies? Look no further! Homesmiths is your one-stop destination for planner boards, stationery organization, and much more.