Are you a fan of wood-fired flavor? Think your barbeques are missing out on something that makes the ones from the restaurant taste so much better? Well, then you order yourself some wood chips from Homesmiths right away!

We have a whole range of charcoal briquettes that will take your barbeque sessions to a whole new level, with food tasting so good and flavorful, your guests can never have enough of it. We just got three words—smokier, juicier, and chunkier, that’s how the food is going to turn out at your next party. So, pick up some chips and briquettes right away!

Barbecue Wood Chips

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  1. Weber Beef Wood Chips

    Weber Beef Wood Chips

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Adding a few wood chips changes the entire taste, the wood-fired flavor just leaves you wanting for more. So, let the meat and veggies melt in your mouth with a taste that bursts out with flavorful aromas as you have never tasted before! So, if you are up for a big party soon, then we can guarantee that your guests are going to leave with a full belly but wishing for more!

Highest Quality Wooden Chips 

The best barbeque sessions need the best wood chips for smoking to recreate that authentic taste. All the products available in our store have been tested to ensure that they are of top quality. So, when you toss some in the grill you can be dead sure that they won’t turn out to be duds, and immediately burn to give you the authentic wooden-fired flavorful aromas.

Perfect for House Parties

Comes in cool packaging that looks and feels great even before you open the packs. So, when you are hosting a party, your guests know that the chips about to be tossed in the fire are of premium quality and won’t leave a sour taste in their mouths.

Longer Burning Time Than Charcoal

If you are planning to have a long barbeque session with a lot of guests coming over, then going in for wooden chips would be a better idea, they burn longer, creates a better overall taste, and is easier to handle than charcoal. Moreover, it’s fast since wood catches fire faster than charcoal, so if you are in a rush, but don’t want to compromise on taste either; wood is the way to go!

Create that Killer Combo

Wooden chips mixed with charcoal will create a flavor that neither you nor your guests can get enough of. So, if you have been using charcoal or wood in isolation, then it’s time to mix it up a little to enhance the taste and aroma of the foods you grill.

Homesmiths has a range of charcoal briquettes and chips to choose from. If variety is your style, you are not going to find yourself short on options when you shop with us. So, get that grill out, and light up the fire. It’s time for a barbeque session like none other you have ever had. Don’t wait, start exploring our complete range of barbeque products from grills to accessories, and much more. Start shopping right away to get the best deals and discounts you won’t find anywhere else!