The Christmas essentials are the ones you need for holding up the pretty decorations! All those hooks, wires, cables, connectors, extensions, plugs, cord clips, cable clips, battery backups, etc, are the real heroes to make your decorations shine and sparkle in full glory! Grab the essentials at Homesmiths where you can find every Christmas essential item you could possibly need! Get a power pack of batteries so that you never run out of backup. You’ll most definitely need a multi plug adapter, universal socket, and extension socket for plugging in all your lights and extra ones for backups. So go ahead, and pick up the essential stuff so that you can deck up your lights, decorations, and ornaments foolproof and safe.

Christmas Essentials

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Homesmiths Christmas essentials cover all the truly essential items that you’d need for decking up your house. If you’re looking for glitter spray paint, then you’ll have a choice of assorted glitter spray paints to choose from. Select from traditional Christmas gold, and silver, to a multitude of color ranges. The bright glitters will make your decoration shine prettier than ever. 

Shopping for Christmas essentials from Homesmiths:

For the wireframe products that keep your decorations lit up and merry, choose from battery backups, surge protection strips, extension sockets, universal sockets, multiway T sockets, universal multi sockets, lithium photo batteries, extension cables, cable lines, and more useful items that’d keep your power lines stable and running. You’ll also need additional hooks and clips to keep the numerous decoration items sturdy without falling off from their places, or becoming loose. In that case, Homesmiths has a number of multipurpose hooks and cables at your disposal so that you don’t have to worry about a garland getting loose or a decoration hanging unsteadily from its place. Explore clear decorating clips, picture clips, hanging strips, window hooks, packs of hooks, light clips, metallic hooks for heavy items, wire hooks, cable clips, hooks and strip sets, etc. 

What batteries do you use for Christmas lights?

Check for the battery requirement of the device or Christmas lights for which you need batteries. Incandescent lights use C or D batteries and have high power consumption. In comparison, LED battery-charged lights use batteries that are energy efficient and can last the entire season. For battery-powered devices, you’ll mostly need AA or AAA alkaline batteries for charging and operating the device. 

What is a multi plug adapter?

Also known as a power strip, this device allows the plugging in of several connections via multiple sockets. It has one end attached to the main socket as the primary power source and then it supplies power to the rest of the sockets. This is particularly helpful for Christmas lighting as you need to plug in the tree lights, decoration lights, hanging decoration lights, table lights, and other lights and you can access multiple plug-ins through a single charging device. 

What extension cord should I use for Christmas lights?

While hanging outdoor lights, you will need extension cords. An outdoor extension cord will have a ‘W’ marked on it, and it differs from indoor cords by the insulation used for it. For 25 feet or lesser light lengths, you can opt for a 16-gauge extension cord. For above 25 feet light length, opt for 14-gauge extension cords. 

No matter what Christmas essentials you’re looking for, Homesmiths has got you covered! Browse through our range of batteries, spray paint, and much more today!