Similar to the icing on a cake is putting up Christmas tree decorations – nothing can beat that! While decorating every part of your house can get exciting, the real excitement always lies with the decoration of the tree. At Homesmiths, indulge in the most awaited shopping spree of the year by picking up the best items used in decorating for Christmas. Choose from a wide variety of tree decorations like tinsel sets, Christmas balls, bows, ribbons, wreaths, bells, candy canes, Santa props, reindeers, nutcrackers, gnomes, decorative figures, glitter decorations, shatterproof ornaments, snowflakes, berry branches, stars, garlands, assorted decoration sets, bauble sets, LED lights, tree lights, string lights, LED candles, etc.

Christmas Decorations

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Decorating a Christmas tree has always been a highly satisfying experience. The myriad ways by which you can decorate a tree make it such an enjoyable activity. Christmas tree decorations have a tradition, but in recent years trends have come up to make it innovative for each year. Although traditional decorations would never go out of trend, the diversity in Christmas decorations makes them all the more interesting. This is why there are not a few categories of decorations but as many as you can think of! Homesmiths covers all of them up in its elaborate range of stock for Christmas tree decorations

What are the items used in decorating Christmas trees?

Commonly used decorations for the Christmas tree are Christmas balls, bells, wreaths, candles, reindeer, Santa Claus figurines, candy canes, garlands, snow globes, tree toppers, tree skirts, stars, stockings, ribbons, and angels. Present-day decorations have seen traditional decorations evolve into diverse options like LED light decorations, shatterproof baubles, polyresin decorations, and imitations of natural decoration items like berries, decorative branches, candies, tinsels, etc.  

What is the order in which Christmas tree decorations are put up?

This is a tricky thing and a commonly asked question. After you set up your tree all ready to be decked up, the first thing that should go on the tree is the lighting. Start from the base of the tree and wrap the strings of lights all the way to the top. While looping on the lights, work from the trunk to the branches, and tips and then backward to the trunk. Next, put on the garlands starting from the tree top. You’ll need to increase the amount of garland while moving down as the tree starts to spread out. Thick paper/ribbon garlands and beaded garlands look nice when loosely hung. Next, you put up the tree ornaments. Your best ornaments (the ones you really want to be focused on) need to be placed in prime areas. For larger ornaments leave enough spacing in between. You can fill up the spaces with intricate decorations. In this way, the tree will look fuller. Add tiny ornaments at branch tips. Balance heavy, big ornaments with smaller, light ornaments along the tree circumference so that the weight is balanced. The last but one step is to add the tree topper. Finally, add a tree skirt to finish the decoration.

How many decorations does a Christmas tree need?

It all depends on the size of your tree. The bigger your tree is, the more the number of decoration ornaments. For example, you would need approximately 4 feet of garlands for every vertical foot height of the tree. The kind of Christmas tree you are using, i.e., the nature of its leaves and branches also affects the number of decorations. The height plays an important role in determining how many decorations you need. An approximate guide would be:

  • A 4 feet tree needs 52 pieces for a full decoration. With every increase in feet, the number of decorations increases.
  • Approximately, a 5 feet tree needs 68, a 6 feet tree needs 128, a 7 feet tree needs 196, and an 8 feet tree needs 212 pieces of decorations.

Ultimately it depends on you how you would want to decorate your tree.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, explore our Christmas tree decorations and usher in the festive spirit into your home!