Can’t have Christmas without the tree, right? Homesmiths has got a wonderful range of Christmas Trees for you to choose from to complete your Christmas getup at home. Explore a vast range of xmas tree collection so that you can choose the perfect tree for your home. Choose from imperial pine Xmas trees, white snowy trees, green pine trees, spruce xmas trees, mini trees, decorated Christmas trees, Christmas tree cones, etc. You will get to choose from different sizes, leaf textures, snows or without snows, tree colors, decorations, lightings and other choices. You can be assured of picking up the best kind of tree that would fit perfectly with the theme you have thought up of for the season!

Christmas Trees

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A gorgeously decked-up Christmas tree is undeniably the centerpiece of attraction in the Christmas decorations. You’ll have plentitude of choices while choosing your Christmas theme and looks and get a tree accordingly. Along with trees, shop for beautiful decorations from a vast and diverse collection of Christmas decorations at Homesmiths. You can explore the trees along with tree-themed decorations like small tree props, tree-themed baubles, mini decorated trees, LED tree cones, LED Christmas plants, tree rings, tree skirts, snow sprays, artificial snows, and other stuff to complete tree-themed decorations.    

Xmas tree or Christmas tree stands for eternal life. In Christianity, the tree stands for the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The evergreen coniferous tree, which is chosen as a Christmas tree is a symbol of immortality. The tree is decorated with lights, wreaths, and ornaments to celebrate the Christmas festival. It also stands for an occasion for exchanging gifts and being generous along with the eternal spirit of nature amidst the changing seasons symbolizing life and death. 

  • What are the types of Christmas trees available?

The evergreen firs are the typical Christmas trees. The common varieties of these include Douglas, Balsam, Noble, Fraser, and Grand Fir. Other coniferous trees used for Christmas include Spruce, Pine, Cedar, and Cypress. While real trees can be convenient to source for polar and temperate regions of the world, it’s more practical for other parts of the world to choose artificial trees that look as good as the real ones because coniferous trees are restricted by geography. Artificial trees can be used for almost a decade without having to invest in a tree every year, and they do not drop leaves or sap which need cleaning. Unlike living trees, artificial ones won’t need watering and maintenance. The artificial trees are also less prone to pest infestations and catching fire. They have a strong frame for holding the thick leaves and decorations. They can be folded and stored conveniently. So, you have got a lot covered up when choosing an artificial tree while enjoying the same xmassy spirit! 

  • What is the most popular Christmas tree?

Firs, spruce, and pines have varieties to suit one’s choice. Among firs, Douglas Firs, Balsam Firs, and Fraser Firs are extremely popular. The Blue Spruce has natural silver-tinged needles. White firs are hailed for their blue and white needle leaves. Similarly, White Spruce has bluish and whitish-green leaves. These are popular around the US and Europe, where it’s easy to harvest these trees. In other parts of the world, opting for similar-looking artificial trees is the way to go. You can easily look up snowy white Christmas trees or tinged-leaved artificial Christmas tree options. Also, a full-grown tree can be really big for people not owning enough space. So you can choose a small Christmas tree—different from the average tall trees so that you can celebrate with an equal amount of cheer without jostling for space. 

Christmas decorations go back a long way in time. In Pagan traditions, decorated Christmas trees were about eternal life and attracting luck. The evergreen trees are also believed to have been used for keeping away ghosts and evil spirits. The different decorations on the tree are also believed to have some symbolism and meanings. The red decorations honor the blood of Christ during the crucifixion. The star or angel at the tree top is related to Christ’s birth. In this manner, a Xmas tree’s decorations can be traced to different meanings and the tree is never left barren during the celebration. Today, decoration is mostly about fun, aesthetics, and bonding time among family members.

So, it’s time to get together, choose from a range of Christmas trees, and get creative. With a wide range of trees and décor items available at Homesmiths, you’re sure to have one of the best decorated Christmas trees in the neighborhood. Get started!