Everyone appreciates a toilet that is sparkling clean. An unclean toilet or bathroom can become a harbinger for microbes that can cause various types of diseases and illnesses in the family, so cleaning them everyday is a great way of ensuring that your home stays disease free. Homesmiths range of toilet cleaners and bathroom cleaners can get the job done without you having to spend hours to get rid of all the dust, dirt, stains, soap scum, and hard water residue. Give your toilets and bathrooms the cleaning they deserve with our selected range of bathroom cleaning liquid products right away!

Bathroom & Toilet Cleaners

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A stinky toilet or bathroom is the last thing you would want in your home. Since it is used multiple times in a day, it’s important to maintain hygiene to keep everyone in the family safe from contracting any infections. We have a whole range of toilet cleaners dedicated to keeping everything in order and shining like new.

Bathroom or Toilet Cleaners for your Need

Concentrated Cleaners:

These are fairly new and unlike other liquid-based products, our range of concentrated cleaners come in a capsule form. When dissolved in water, it will give you up to 500 ml of bathroom cleaning liquid that you can use to regularly clean both your toilets and bathrooms.

Shower, Tub, and Tile Cleaners:

Our range of especially formulated shower, tub, and tile cleaners are offer acidic free cleaning for effective removal of stains from hard water, dirt, and grime. They are also effective against rust, and mold to give you a sparkling clean toilet and bathroom by working its way through layers of germ for deep cleaning. Explore the range of bathroom cleaning liquid products to keep your tiles and floors clean and sparkling.

Toilet Cleaning Foams:

If you have been battling foul odor emanating from the toilet, then you should check out our toilet cleaning foams that work as a suppressant and also helps fight off dirt and limescale buildup in the toilet. It’s one of the most efficient ways of keeping everything clean and hygienic as a single block can last for up to 240 flushes. So, if you are busy and don’t have the time to clean your toilet every day, just drop these to maintain a squeaky-clean toilet in between those deep cleaning sessions.

Multi-Surface Cleaners:

Multi surface cleaners are perfect for use across various types of surfaces and will leave everything smelling fresh and clean. Explore our range of multi-surface cleaners to keep off those tough stains from building up.

Toilet Deodorizers:

Keep your toilets and bathrooms odor free with our collection of toilet deodorizers to keep everything smelling fresh and pleasant. Just hang them on the walls, and let it work its magic.

Toilet Bowl Bleaches:

Toilet bowls are hotbeds for virus and bacteria buildup, and it’s important to clean them regularly to avoid contracting infections. Homesmiths range of toilet bowl cleaners can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses with its powerful bleach-based formula for the most effective deep cleaning of toilet bowls.

Counter Top Cleaners:

Perfect for keeping dirt stains at bay and keeping your counter tops sparkling clean. The spray-based formula can help you get rid of all kinds of stains such as food deposits, grime, and grease, etc. while restoring the gloss and shine.

Scrub Free Cleaners:

If you are not to keen on spending a lot of time scrubbing off the dirt and grime in the bathroom. Our scrub free cleaners can offer deep cleaning to remove mildew, molds and soap scums without any scrubbing. Buy them to keep your tubs, basins, shows, and fiberglass clean and shiny.

Homesmiths product lineup has everything you would need to keep your toilets and bathrooms clean and hygienic. Explore our range of bathroom cleaners and other products right away for a home that’s clean and smells fresh all day long!