Say hello to the new eco-friendly cleaning products from Homesmiths. The diverse range includes home cleaning solutions, home fragrances, and hand series products that are developed in an environmentally safe way. It is always a good idea to become better consumers by making informed choices. Our eco-friendly household cleaners work effectively in helping you keep your home structure, furniture, and spaces clean and fragrant. Ensure a clean, germ-free home with Homesmiths range of eco-friendly chemicals and never have a bad-smelling kitchen or bathroom ever! Get your hands on the eco-friendly products and introduce a new way of cleaning.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

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  1. Mrs Meyer's 16Oz Lavender Cleaner
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    Mrs Meyer's 16Oz Lavender Cleaner

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Environmentally friendly practices are the need of the hour. We need to be conscious of what we buy and use in every small aspect of our lives. At Homesmiths, we do our bit by providing our dearest patrons with a selected range of eco-friendly cleaning products. We need to do what’s best for the only home we have in common: our planet.

Our eco-friendly products are made with a lot of care and fulfil the requirements of cleaning and deodorizing too. Discover the best Homesmiths eco-friendly products right here.

The Eco-Friendly Cleaning Range

Home Interiors:

For cleaning home spaces, we offer you a range of eco-friendly household cleaners. Our heavy-duty cleaner can be diluted with water and used on any surface that can be cleaned with water, such as floors, walls, tables, chairs, and more. This will keep them dust free and smelling fresh. Our home cleaning wipes are very useful for smaller cleaning items such as home décor, lamps, and more which need a delicate hand while cleaning. They remove stains from almost all surfaces with great ease. We also offer scratch covers for wood of different tones to protect your wooden furniture from unwanted marks and scratches. The cleaning spray and detergent help in keeping floors and walls clean, apart from furniture and other items. Make use of our eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner to clean living room and bathroom floors, kitchen counters, tiles, and much more.

Home Fragrances:

Our diverse range of home fresheners will keep your home smelling like flowers and citrus. Create a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere with our fragrance sprays and refill packs. For a year-long supply, take your pick from our fragrance starter set and the complete set. They also make for great housewarming presents. Spray on walls and décor pillows for long-lasting fragrance.

Hand Series:

Clean hands are the start of basic hygiene. Washing hands is a must for everyone. Take your pick from our foaming soaps in different fruity flavours or go for a citric hand wash liquid. Refills for foaming soaps are available in different flavours. Our floral and light hand sanitizer is a great product to have around the house plus while traveling.

Now that you know what lies in store for you, choose wiser. With Homesmiths, make a conscious change and become better-informed buyers by choosing to buy from our range of eco-friendly chemicals. The eco-friendly range works as well as the other products, with the added benefit of being safe for the environment. Keep your home clean and safe with Homesmiths!