Floor care is a critical part of your home’s upkeep. Nothing but a range of top-quality floor cleaners from Homesmiths can beat your dirty floor woes. Get rid of those stains, smears, and stubborn marks from the floor and leave it looking new and spotless. Is your wooden floor losing out on sheen? Grab from the best-selling wood polish and hardwood cleaners to get your wooden floor looking amazing even after continuous usage. You’re bound to find the perfect product for any kind of floor you have - tiled, mosaic, laminated, or hardwood. Keep your floors clean, hygienic, and blemish free whether it’s in the living space, kitchen, bathroom, or porch with the selected range of floor cleaners from Homesmiths.

Floor Care

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Maintaining floors can be really challenging as they are a part of the house that gets easily soiled and needs regular cleaning. While you may choose any kind of floor care product, the reason for choosing from the Homesmiths collection is simple. Homesmiths has a selection of products from the top brands with the best products in the market and you can never go wrong with a pick.

Keep your floors and surfaces clean with a variety of floor care products:

  • Perfect for everyday use, our floor cleaner concentrate liquids can be used diluted for mopping most kinds of floors. Our fragrant disinfectants offer a light floral or citric smell. 
  • Our hard surface cleaners are perfect for removing stubborn yellow and brown stains from floors and tiles. They have a stronger action and are perfect for those stains which may not go away in one go. They are perfect when you are moving into a new home and need a thorough cleaning.
  • Also, you can use the specialized grout cleaner and whitener in case you have a white floor. This works wonders in bathrooms where water and mold stains are usually more strongly imprinted.
  • The hardwood floor cleaner is best for wooden floors. In case of a chipped or discolored patch, use our set of furniture and floor repair kits which contains markers in wooden shades for a natural and imperceptible finish.
  • Make use of our tile cleaners, floor stripper, and dust mop treatment liquid for different kinds of floors. Please make sure to check the materials our cleaners are compatible with before using them. 

Should you use a wood cleaner for wooden flooring?

Wood cleaners are specifically designed for wooden surfaces, unlike other floor cleaners which would be applicable for common flooring. You should go for wood floor cleaners for maintaining your wooden floors along with a wood polish for keeping your floor free from scratches. 

Is it possible to keep tiles and grout clean with a grout cleaner?

 There are many DIY solutions to grout cleaning but in reality, it’s not easy to get a clean grout. If you have cement grout, then it would be porous and the collected dirt is near impossible to clean with simply physical scrubbing. Grout cleaners are specially formulated to clean these difficult places and to regain those clean margins, you should invest in a professional quality grout cleaner

How do floor cleaners keep my floor protected from germs?

Floor cleaners contain disinfectants with them and not just a cleansing base. Floors are common places around the house that get really dirty and breed germs. If you have crawling babies and pets, you need to ensure cleanliness even more. Check for protection and disinfection provided by a floor cleaner before purchasing them and you can be assured of being free from germs. 

Are wood cleaners the same as wood polishes?

No. Wood cleaners are formulations devised for cleaning wooden surfaces like furniture, cases, frames, models, etc. Wood polish is meant more for maintaining a wooden surface as it restores and maintains the sheen of wooden structures. 

Whether you’re looking for a floor polish or cleaners, we’ve got it all at Homesmiths. Explore our floor care range today!