Pieces of jewelry are expensive and need proper care to keep them shining like new for those special occasions. Since most of our jewelry is kept locked and only brought out during get-togethers, and family occasions, they tend to lose their shine over a period due to non-maintenance. So, it’s important to invest in jewelry polish to keep them looking brand-new even if you decide to wear them after years. Homesmiths has one of the finest collections of jewelry cleaners designed to help you care for your expensive jewelry day in and day out with delicate cleaning that’s not rough on the metals and won’t damage your expensive jewelry items. You can find a variety of products on our online store!

Jewelry Polish & Cleaners

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The charm of jewelry can never be understated, but keeping them shining and beautiful is definitely a priority. If you’re looking for options to restore the glint of your sparkling beauties, then a grand collection for jewelry maintenance awaits you here at Homesmiths.  

A solution for every jewelry piece that you could possibly own!

Jewelry is of too many kinds - gold, silver, alloy metals, pearls, gemstones, plated jewelry, junk, beaded, heirloom, and more. Maintaining each kind is pretty difficult. But it needn’t be when you have the right kind of jewelry maintenance and care products for yourself. For a tarnished silver piece choose a silver jewelry cleaner or the Hagerty Pearl Clean for your precious string of pearls. Explore exclusive cleaning, maintenance, and care products for jewelry and expect nothing but premium products at Homesmiths. Restore and revive your jewelry with gold polishes, silver polishes, pearl cleaners, polish wipes and cloths, silver dips, anti-tarnish creams, copper shine solutions, and more.

How does a silver cleaner liquid work?

Silver cleaners come as a dip or should be wiped using a very soft cloth. The cleaner liquid is meant for use on pure silver and not silver-plated jewelry as plated silver will get damaged. The liquid restores the shine of the silver by removing the tarnish that is commonly seen in old silver jewelry. It can be done once in a while and care should be taken to use an extremely soft cloth like a microfiber cloth to wipe the silver while using the liquid.

How many times can I use gold polish?

Gold polish liquids are meant for pure gold jewelry. Gold is an inherently soft metal, so care should be taken to not over-clean or polish it too much which can cause abrasion to the metal. It’s recommended to polish gold jewelry once or twice a year. Also, read the manufacturer’s instructions about the usage before you use the gold polish.

Is toothpaste a good alternative to copper polish?

No. Although toothpaste is a commonly suggested hack for cleaning metals and jewelry, it’s best to avoid it. Toothpaste can contain abrasive compounds that can damage copper so it’s better not to use it. Instead, try getting a copper polish from a well-known brand that is known for its effectiveness, and be assured of your copper being cleaned without any damage.

Can I use jewelry cleaners on gold-plated jewelry?

Gold-plated or silver-plated jewelry should be kept away from water or any kind of liquid substance. Plated jewelry shouldn’t even come in contact with perfume. Jewelry cleaners can be liquid cleaners or cleaning wipes. If it’s a wiping cloth that can be used as a dry wipe, you can safely use it on gold-plated jewelry without damaging the plating.

 Your prized possessions don’t have to wear a tarnished or worn-out look! Make them as good as new by investing in specialized jewelry care items from Homesmiths. Shop now!