Whether it’s a new piece of jewelry or a family heirloom; caring for your expensive jewelry is important to ensure that they look great and retain its value. Homesmiths range of jewelry polish and jewelry cleaner offers a perfect solution for keeping all your platinum,

diamond, gold, and silver jewelry shining like new and ready to wear to that next big event.

You won’t need to look anywhere else as we have an entire line-up of products right from special cleaners to jewelry polishing cloth dedicated to caring for your expensive jewelry that is the best in the market and offer the perfect solution to keep them glittering.

Jewelry Polish & Cleaners

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Pieces of jewelry are expensive and need proper care to keep them shining like new for those special occasions. Since most of our jewelry is kept locked and only brought out during get-togethers, and family functions, they tend to lose their shine over a period due to non-maintenance. 

Therefore, it’s important to invest in jewelry polish to keep them looking brand-new even if you decide to wear them after years. Homesmiths has one of the finest collections of products designed to help you care for your expensive jewelry day in and day out with delicate cleaning that’s not rough on the metals and won’t damage your expensive jewelry items. You can find a variety of products on our online store!

Gold and Silver Polish Cloth:

 Made using the finest fibers this specialized jewelry polishing cloth comes with cleaning and polishing agents that help keep your gold and silver jewelry shining like new. The chemically treated microfine polishers gently remove all traces of dirt without damaging your expensive jewelry items. They are perfect for performing a quick cleanup of jewelry items when you are short on time. Use it to remove stubborn dirt in a jiffy! 

Fine Jewelry Cleaners: 

This is specially formulated for jewelry that needs specialized care such as earrings, studs, rings, and precious stones with intricate work. Get rid of all the gunk, tarnish, goo, and grime without damaging the jewelry's detailed intricate work. The product comes with a tray and liquid and will help you clean all of your delicate jewelry items in mere minutes. 

Silver and Gold Polishes: 

The water-based product is designed specifically for polishing, cleaning, and restoring the original shine of all of your gold and silver jewelry, but can also be used to clean other metalslike brass, coppers, etc. Moreover, it offers triple-action protection to keep them from accumulating dirt, stains, and grime. The products are completely free of chemicals and are perfect for polishing glossy items like candlesticks, flatware, jewelry, and frames without leaving scratches on your valuable items. 

Pearl Cleaning Products:

 Pearls are delicate, and beautiful and need specialized care as they are hard to maintain. Without proper care, they will lose shine and look dull in a few years. These products are designed specifically to gently remove dust and dirt buildup to keep them looking like new leaving behind a shimmer and making them look like you just got them from the jewelry store.  

Homesmiths range of jewelry cleaner, cloths, and polishes are all designed to provide all-around care for all your jewelry items. Start shopping today to pick your favorite ones to give your expensive jewelry the delicate care they need!