Wooden flooring adds an amazing aesthetic to your house. That’s why they need the much-needed care and maintenance. Wooden floors can get scratched and dull over time, so to restore their grandeur products like wooden floor polish can come in handy. Explore maintenance and care products from Homesmiths’ collection for the upkeep of your hardwood floors. Homesmiths’ product collection is always full of top-performing products that have been selected for their quality and efficacy. There’s never any second-guessing when you choose from our collection for your home care. Keep your precious wooden flooring free from dust, stains, scratches, and dulling. Make your floor maintenance easy-peasy and absolutely no fuss!

Wood Floor Polish

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With the protection offered by wooden floor polishes and wooden floor products, you don’t have to worry about keeping your floors well-maintained and shining like brand new. So lose the stress and embrace effortless ways of wooden floor maintenance. 

Reasons to select from Homesmiths’s range of wooden floor polish:

  • Top products, always! 

If you’re in the market wondering which product to choose and feeling lost about which should be the best, then Homesmiths is a place of solace. Homesmiths’s collection is picked only from the best of the best. While selecting any wooden polish from Homesmiths you can be assured that you are choosing from the best options themselves. 

  • Your wooden surfaces are maintained in their best forms

Our high-gloss wood polish is exceptional at increasing the longevity of your wooden flooring by gently removing scratches and other damage caused because of daily use. Maintain your expensive wooden flooring with our premium quality wood polish to restore shine and gloss. The wood polish leaves behind a protective layer to protect against stains, dust, and grime buildup making it easier to clean the surface using a traditional broom and mop. So, in case there is an accidental liquid spill, the protective layer will ensure that the wood doesn’t absorb the liquid. Moreover, if you have pets in the house, you can rest assured that there won’t be any risk of stains or scratches building up on the surface. 

Is it good to use a wooden floor polish on hardwood floors?

Yes. Wooden floor polishes are excellent for maintaining your hardwood floors. It helps to remove scratches and wear and tear caused by regular use. 

How to use a wooden floor polish?

Wooden floor polishes are amazing products to maintain wooden surfaces. But you should be able to use the polish properly for maximum benefits. It is important to clean the wooden floor and remove dust, debris, and dirt. Vacuum the floor so that it’s clean and free from particle matter. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the polish. This helps in achieving a smooth, shining, and nicely polished surface. 

How many times should you polish wood floors?

Your wooden floors can be polished once in 6 months or more. Finished wooden surfaces like varnished wood can last for several years, however, floors are exposed to a lot more wear and tear than other wooden surfaces. So polishing them at fewer time intervals than other wooden furniture or items is indeed necessary. 

What polish can I use on wooden floors?

You choose different kinds of wooden floor polishes depending on the kind of finish you want to achieve and also the kind of wood you have. For wooden floors, you usually choose a hardwood polish. It could be water-based polish or wax or oil-based polish.  

Give your wooden floors some well-deserved TLC with Homesmiths' dedicated range of wooden floor care solutions. Explore now.